Where darkness hides...

What happens if there was no zoey? what happens if the ending changed? what happens if this story started with a girl who had the power of lightning, 4 boys wanting to be with her, evil and spirits after her? what if i told you her name was Angel Lankford the real daughter of nyx but her adoptive parents are Dragon and Anastasia Lankford?


2. Angel's P.V.O


'Stark...' that name it has some meaning to it for my soul. But how? Why? could it be I'm falling for a guy I don't even know? a guy I only met 20 minutes ago and saved from his religious father?

"Angel??" Stark said looking down and into my eyes, he was at least half a foot taller than me but that's normal for me.

"huh? yeah stark?" I replied leaving my cave of day dreams.

"oh a women just came in and asked for you to show me around, but you were day dreaming so she left you to it.." He says looking anywhere but at me. Way to go Angel you just embarrassed yourself in front of your own mother and a cute boy...wait. WHAT! did I just think that he was cute, awww man I am falling for him..

"Oh okay...flow me then.." I say shyly.

You see I've always been the shy quiet girl when it comes to:


-Meeting adults/new people..

But I felt more shy around stark, but I can't figure out why maybe it's because he's cute or he seems different...that's when I noticed he stopped to take off his jumper, but as he did that he lifted some of his top up. WOW HE HAS A NICE 6 PACK!!! then I just saw him standing there looking at me "did you just say what I think you said?" I felt the heat rising to my cheeks I just said that all out loud. "I didn't say anything" I lied but I think he noticed I did since I said it way to quickly, so I just do what any other shy girl would do...turn around and act like nothing happened. As we crossed over to the music department block (my favrioute part of school!) I could hear music playing so I checked in to see my few friends in their practising waved and carried on.

"who were those guys?" oh yeah I totally forgot stark was there...awkward.

"oh they're just my friends: Stevie Rae, jack, Erin and Shawnee (the twins), Damien" I replied like it was no big deal.

"oh cool" he said. suddenly I heard his footsteps stop and the sound of a voice I recognised every time I hear it.

"Looks like there's a newbie to this school" the voice said. as I turn round on my heels I was right about who the voice belonged to. Erik Night...

"Hey leave him alone!" I shout to Erik throwing my shoe at the back of his head . Then I gulped knowing I should have just left stark and ran away. That's when I felt a pair of hands grab both of my arms and lift me with such ease from the ground. Erik had turned round and before I could try and dodge it I felt the punch hit me straight in the gut making me cough up some blood. I felt a punch go the side of my head making my sight go funny and my ears ring. I tried to dodge the second punch to my gut but the set of hands kept me still and I coughed up more blood by the second, they dropped me to the floor only to kick me in the back and stomach.

"teaches you not to shout at me bitch!" Erik growled and left me there with blood dripping down at the right corner of my mouth and feeling the numbness leave me to lay there in pain. The music from my friends practising had stopped and they all came bursting out.

"ANGEL!!" they screamed making me wince. the last thing I saw was stark then I entered the realm of darkness.

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