Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Justin’s POV

I stared at Jackie in amazement as she fumbled with the GPS in her hand, trying to get the address. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. How she got Lauren to trust her so quickly was beyond amazing.

“Is it this one?” she asked, shoving the GPS in my face

“Nope, that’s the one on 6th street” I mumbled…. I knew each and every one of their warehouses, so if I see an address I don’t know, then by default it’s the new one.

“umm… ooh what about this one?” she asked in a cheery tone

“Yeah! I think that’s it. Wait, lemme copy it on my phone real quick” quickly typing the address onto the notes on my iPhone, I looked up at Jackie to see her smiling.

“yeah, this has to be it. Every single other address on here is already saved with a name and this is the only one left blank” she said getting excited

“Alright. Let me call Jake and the boys and tell them” I mumbled quickly before swiftly pulling out my phone and dialing his number

Jacquelyn’s POV

I watched as Justin talked on the phone with my brother and I could hear Jake’s drunken voice slurring over the phone saying he’ll be right over.

I felt proud of myself. Not only had I helped my brother and his gang be a step ahead of their rivals, but I also proved to myself and challenged myself.

 See my uncle, Dr. Cal Lightman, is with the Lightman Group in California (If you’ve ever watched the show ‘Lie to Me’). He’s the uncle that I mentioned comes to visit every so often. He’s with the FBI and he gets the truth through applied psychology. Meaning he reads microexpresions, and body language to find out if you’re lying or not. After my parents died, or got killed, I decided that I wanted him to teach me everything he knew. I didn’t want to be some weakling that people can lie to and get away with.

My uncle said I was one of the naturals. That I didn’t have to go and study it like he did, meaning I could tell the truth all along. Basically its simple, there are certain postures, quotes and saying and other things that people do when they’re lying or feeling an emotion that’s strong enough to be shown involuntarily. Such as lust; when me and Justin when grinding back the club. Hatred; when Justin pounced on Ryder to the wall. And right now, gratitude. His eyes showed a type of glimmering  that wasn’t there before.

All too soon, Jake and the rest of the crew were by the car looking shocked as ever. I mean all of them had their eyes wide and mouth wide open.

“Bro, I totally didn’t believe you when you said that you had gotten into his car. Way to go, man!” Jacob bumped Justin’s fist through the open window.

“Nah, it wasn’t me man. Jackie did all the work here” Justin said, sending me a small smile

“I knew you had it in you!!!” Jake said teasingly making me laugh

For a moment, I decided to turn my head out of pure curiosity, and that’s when I saw the blonde chick coming back.  FUCK!

“Justin, she’s coming back what do we do?” I asked Justin frantically while putting the GPS back exactly where I found it. We were supposed to be some sexual activities, not snooping through her stuff.

“Guys leave. Now. Go hide behind those cars over there. Hurry!!!” Justin said while taking off his shirt and throwing it in the passengers seat and the boys left without further questions. He sat back down with his back against the seat and looked over at me.

“well what’re you waiting for? Come on!” he said motioning me to come sit on his lap. I did so quickly while throwing his jacket over to the passenger seat. I noticed Justin had unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his ankles making my breathing hitch in my throat.

His warm hands played with the hem of my white dress and he hesitantly pulled it up, inch by inch, until it finally reached my waist. His eyes looked at me for approval, and I nodded slowly. Suddenly the air around us grew thick. I leaned in slowly until our lips were brushing off of each other. I opened my eyes to see Justin had his eyes closed gently waiting for me to make the move, and so I did

Without a second thought, I attached our lips softly and gently earning a quiet groan from him. His hands trailed from my hips up to my upper back and back down to my ass where he squeezed ever so gently. Feeling his hands roaming my back cause goose bumps to rise on my arms and the hairs on my neck to stand. Seeing as Justin made the move last time, I poked my tongue onto his lips this time. He opened his mouth without a hesitation and when our tongues collided, I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

I kissed him fiercely and rapidly as if our lives depended on it. Oxygen was much needed at this point but I didn’t want to pull away. His lips felt so soft, and moist, it felt like I was in heaven. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt his hips slightly buck against my own sending a wave of pleasure to go through me. I understood immediately what he wanted and so I obliged. Moving my hips against his slowly but hard, a loud moan left his throat. His grip on my waist tightened as I sped up the pace. Moans and groans from both our mouths bounced off the car and back into our ears.

Suddenly, a car door shut and I pulled away from the kiss to see that the blonde girl had walked away shaking her head slightly with a smile on her face. I was about to stop my movements but Justin stopped me by wrapping both arms around my waist and guiding me.

“N-no. Don’t stop” he managed to say as he circled both arms completely around me pulling me in closer. His voice hoarse and raspier than ever.

His eyes were shut tightly and his brows were furrowed. He bit his lip occasionally to stop himself from moaning too loud.  My eyes rolled the back of my head as my movement caused frequent friction on my bundle of nerves downstairs.

I threw my head bad as I felt my orgasm starting to appear, just around the corner.

“Justin” I whimpered helplessly while I bit my lip in order to not cry out. And suddenly his movement started becoming more desperate. He bucked his hips wildly against my own in desperate need of attention. With 3 last thrusts, my body shook from pleasure as my head fell back and my hands gripped Justin’s hair in order to keep an indoor voice.

Justin on the other hand didn’t even try to hold it in. I felt his body shake from pleasure as his hands gripped my sides almost painfully. He let out the loudest, manliest, and sexiest groan I have ever heard in my entire life as he pushed his head back and shut his eyes tight.

My movements coming to a stop, a stared at Justin’s face in both confusion and shyness.

Why didn’t he let me stop?

Sitting up straight, Justin still kept his eyes closed as he tried evening out his breathing. When he did look up, our gazes locked. He had an unreadable expression, though. Usually, I can tell what emotion a person is feeling but with him, I saw nothing. I mean, I still saw the gratitude, and lust from our prior events, but the majority still remained a mystery to me. Just as I noticed myself leaning in for a kiss….

“Hey guys. Whoo that was close, right? I almost thought we were gonna get caught!” said Ethan laughing slightly. “um, guys get dressed. We have to go now. We’re headed home so Jackie can go with Sabrina.” He said, breaking Justin’s and I’s gaze.

I got off of Justin’s lap, pulled down my dress before stepping out. I immediately saw Sabrina with that famous smirk on her face and I walked straight towards her and pulled into her car just a few feet away.

“What the fuck happened in there?” she asked with the biggest smile on her face

“Honestly? I have no idea” I said raking my hand through my black mane of hair



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