Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


8. Chapter 8

Justin’s POV

I made sure the scowl on my face was noticeable in the dim lighting of the club. Right in front of me stood Ryder, 21 year old leader of The Netas, looking as smug as ever. This pussy thinks he’s so bad because his gang own the best machinery and new technology because his daddy works in some Mafia or some shit. But my gang own the most territory in the whole state, so his little toys doesn’t work on us; never have, never will

“Well, well, who do we have here?” he asked staring directly at Jackie. Standing in front of her and covering her from his gaze in a protective manner, I sent daggers at Ryder.

“Oh come on Bieber, let the girl talk. You can talk, right sweetie?” he said in a fake sweet tone making me wonder if she would ever believe in it.

I felt a hand tugging at my shirt slightly, and turning my head slightly to the left, I noticed Jackie was now walking in front of me trying to introduce herself… is this girl crazy??!

She raised her hand politely to shake his “Hi. I’m Janette. Nice to meet you” she said with a small smile. Janette? Wow she is smarter than she looks

I watched as Ryder took her small hand in his and lightly kissed her knuckles while looking into her eyes. I curled my hands into fists, but soon relaxed them when Jackie’s intertwined our fingers with her free hand.

“You’re beautiful” he said almost inaudible sounding genuine. He quickly regained his posture, though, and let go of her hand. “Well, I just thought I should come over and meet up with you. We’ve never seen you before. Are you new here or…?” Ryder finished, completely ignoring my presence.

“Yeah, I actually just moved into town last week, I wanted to come and visit my boyfriend.” Jackie said, peeking over her right shoulder to look at me. The way she said it so naturally and carefree actually made me believe in what she said, and it caused a big smile to break out in my face.

“Boyfriend?? Since when does the Justin Bieber settle down to one girl? last time you were here, you were pouncing on that whore… um…. Sasha!” he snickered to himself at the idea of me tying down to one girl.

“Yeah. That was 4 months ago. ” I spat, venom in each word. I honestly detested this guy.

“Okay. Just making sure you weren’t going behind her back. I mean, we all know what happened last time you got serious with a girl, right? I’m just looking out for you babe, wouldn’t want anything to happen to beauty like you” he said looking back at the two guys behind him that were part of his crew and then to Jackie.

My blood boiled at the mention of my past. Seeing as it HIS fault that I was so heartbroken. He was the one that Katherine had gone to and slept with. Before I knew what happened, I had Ryder pinned against the nearest wall by his collar and all up in his face

“Yeah. And we all know how much of a deceiving cunt you really are don’t we?” I asked mocking him.  I almost drew my hand back to punch him, but a gentle hand on my shoulder made me freeze.

“Justin, don’t. Don’t start something that you’re not going to want to finish. Just let it go, please” Jackie begged. Her voice sounded desperate. Reluctantly I stepped away from Ryder and straightened my shirt and jacket.

“Next time, I won’t hesitate to beat the fuck outta you.” I spat before slinging my arm around Jackie’s shoulder and walking away without looking back.

Jackie’s POV

Justin slung his arm around my shoulder protectively while walking away. I had expected he would want to go back to the bar and get more drinks, but he surprised me when he headed towards the entrance of the club. We walked outside past the line of people wanting to get in and into the Parking lot.

It was already past 1 in the morning, and it super chilly. The cold night breeze hit my face and bare arms like a thousand needles picking at my skin. I shuddered as Justin withdrew his hand and started pacing back and forth.

“I’m sorry. I just need to cool down for second. He always manages to get my blood boiling by just…. Breathing.” Justin muttered as he ran his hands up and down his hair and face trying to calm down.

I couldn’t help but giggle at his comment because I know exactly what he means.

“Hey, it’s okay. You did good, I mean I would’ve hit him if I were you. But you didn’t. And that makes you the bigger person” I said encouraging words to try and soothe him as I walked up to him and ran my hands up and down his arm slightly and I felt his muscles relax slightly. He nodded his head, as his breathing came back to normal.

“Thanks. If it wasn’t for you…I wouldn’t have been able to stop.” He admitted, suddenly going shy.

“Well you’re welcome.” I said with the cheesiest grin I could muster, and soon he mirrored my actions.

The wind blew around us ferociously, making my hair fly behind me, and my hands automatically went around myself in order to get as much warmth as I could.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry, I forgot you were wearing a dress and its freezing out here” Justin said while shrugging off his jacket and placing it on my shoulders. Its soooo warm!

I sighed as a sign of relief and content making him smile small. I comfortable silence fell between us for about 3 minutes before Justin spoke up.

“you see that blonde girl over there?” he said quietly. My eyes raked over the parking lot before landing on a petite girl walking away from her car at the very far end of the parking lot. I nodded

“That’s Ryder’s girl.” i felt my mouth go wide open.

“so why was he making fun of you for having a girl when he has one too?” I asked confused

I saw how he tried to hide his smile by looking down briefly but I caught it.  

“I don’t know. She’s never met me though, and the boys and I have though of so many ideas to try to approach her. Because rumor has it that Ryder has this new warehouse that is full of new weapons and shit. So me and the boys went to their car one day and the have a GPS, meaning that the address is in there.” He sad all in detail

“So why don’t you just break in?” I asked, feeling confused

“Because, if we break in then he’ll know someone knows of this secret warehouse and the first ones that he’ll blame is us. Meaning he’ll try to get revenge and do something far worse. We have to get into that car without breaking in, without hurting his girl, and without him noticing anything.” He said, stuffing his hands in his jeans while he furrowed his eyebrows thinking of new ways to trick her.

And THAT’S when an idea popped into my head.

“wait, you said she’s never met you, right?” I asked feeling excited

“Yeah, why?” Justin asked  “Because I know a way to get you into the car” I replied while I started walking towards the girl.

“Wait, what? How?!” he asked following behind me quickly

“okay this is going to sound weird, but you have to kiss me. And kiss me rough, okay?” I said while looking between him and the girl who was coming closer to us.

“W-what? I ca-” I cut off his speech by placing my lips onto his hungrily

He wasn’t quick to respond, seeing as I had just interrupted his speech. After a few seconds though, he roughly grabbed my hips in between his large hands. His lips kissing me back feverishly. I moaned at the feeling of his hands roaming my body, and he groaned back when I pulled at his hair. He roughly pushed me up against a car and grabbed the back of my hips and placing them tightly around his waist. I felt his tongue poking my bottom lip, and I happily accepted the playful battle of our tongues. His tongue roamed my mouth, and with every force I had in me, I pushed his tongue back with my own and roamed his mouth making a loud moan emit from both our mouths. The taste of mint and alcohol turned me on even more.

I pulled away, and Justin wasted no time in placing his wet lips on my neck. I moaned again, and I noticed the blonde girl was about to pass us so I quickly let go of Justin and ran over to her. I knew she had noticed us, because we were both making so much noise.

“hey, hey wait up” I said breathlessly to her making her stop dead in her tracks and turn to me with a small smile. Okay, atleast she was atleast nice.

“Yes?” she said while tilting her had slightly to the left

“umm, this is going to sound really really weird. But me and my boyfriend back there are umm… kind of …. You know” I rambled not knowing how to finish

“Horny?” she said with a small giggle while looking back at Justin who wwas now by my side.

“Yes very” Justin said while standing behind me and kissing my neck making me close my eyes at the feeling.

“anyway, we were just wondering if… we could use y-your car so we can…. Sort out our little… um.. problem?” I said looking at her with hopeful eyes. And I felt Justin’s lips stopped moving against my neck and a small smile playing at his lips.

“Oh. I’m not so sure. It’s my boyfriends car and he’s turns into a maniac when other people use it” she said playing with her fingers

“Please. It’ll literally take like 15 minutes. You can even come and check on us whenever to make sure we haven’t stolen anything. Please. Wereally need it” I said putting emphasize on really.

“and where’s your car?” she asked ….. oh crap

“we came here in a friends car and they’re shit faced drunk and are somewhere in the club with the keys” Justin spoke for the second time pulling away from my neck and then going back down to try and find my sweet spot.

“Okay. Just tell me your names so I know who to report if anythings’ missing.” She said with a smile

“THANK YOU!!!! My name is Lisa Gomez and this is Mike Payne” I said looking into her eyes, trying to make her believe the lie I’m feeding her.

“all right. Here you go. And don’t leave a mess please.” She said handing me the key.

“Oh my god, thank you thank you thank you! And could you please not tell anyone. This is kind of awkward with a stranger imagine if our friends found out.” I said looking down at the floor.

“don’t worry. You’re secrets safe with me. And you two better not say anything either. If my boyfriend finds out I let two strangers in our car he would flip shiit on me.” She said with a small giggle.

“Okay thank you!!” I said while grabbing Justin’s hand and running off into the blackness just as she walked away into the club.

“what the fuck? How did you do that?! We’ve been trying for 7 months now to do this and you just do it in one night?? Holy fuck!” Justin exclaimed while opening the backdoor to get in and shutting it once we were both inside. He had a playful smirk on his face, almost as if he approved of me.

“Well, maybe I’m better than you think” I said with a playful tone to it, unknowingly scooting closer to him.

“Yeah, maybe” he said with a glimmering in his eyes. 

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