Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


7. Chapter 7

Jacquelyn’s POV

The car ride to the club was mostly quiet. I had decided that I would be best if I went alone in the car with Sabrina while the boys split up into two since they couldn’t fit in Justin’s car.

Thoughts of tonight started flooding my mind. Different scenarios played over in my head making me feel anxious.

“Whatcha thinking about?” she asked as she turned down the volume of the radio. I guess she must have sensed my sudden discomfort.

“what’ll happen tonight? Like what if we can’t fool Ryder or the boys and they find out it was all fake? I mean, I’m still pissed at Justin for the stunt he pulled earlier today, so how am I supposed to act all lovey dovey with him now?” I asked frantically. Thoughts coming to me as I expected the worst to happen.

“Babe, calm down. You guys are gonna do fine. I mean, you are both huge flirts so it won’t be as hard as you think. And If you’re pissed at him now, just drown like 4 shots and it’ll be like you’re in love with him or some shit. Trust me, you got nothing to worry about. You guys make a hot couple” she said while grinning.

“not this again!!” I groaned throwing my head back. But I couldn’t stop the smile that was on my lips.

“I’m serious. You guys should seriously start dat-“ I cut her off

“No, we’re not having this conversation again… oh look! We’re here.” I said while taking off my seatbelt while giggling totally dismissing the conversation. Sabrina soon joined me, and we both got out of the car.

Loud techno music filled my ears. The smell of beer and sex lingered in the air as we stood at the enterance waiting for the boys to reach our side. Once we spotted them, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Justin.

He had a white shirt under his red varsity jacket. He had a black snapback with some red letters that matched the jacket. He wore some dark skinny jeans that were sagged to perfection along with some red supras on his feet. Not to mention when I hugged him, he smelled so fuckinggood!!!!  It was almost unrealistic. And when he told me I looked beautiful and gorgeous and all that, it basically took everything in me not to blush and giggle like a little school girl. but the thing that surprised me the most is…. I made him stutter.

Before I could keep thinking about him, he had reached my side in an instant. I looked up at him to see him already staring down at me. Even with high heels, he was atleast 2-3 inches taller.

“Ready?” he whispered in my ear.

“I was born ready” I said with a smirk. I grabbed his hand and we walked through the entrance. I didn’t get stopped even though im underage because one. I look older than I really am and two. Because I had Justin Bieber following behind me. No one dared to try and challenge him.

Once we stepped in the club, the music seemed to intensify by a thousand. The club was packed with girls grinding on men in slutty dresses and the men with their drink in one hand and the other on the girls’ hip. Literally everywhere I looked, that‘s what I saw. I felt a tug on my hand, and noticed Justin had pulled me over to the bar.

“What would you like to drink?” Justin asked in my ear so I was able to hear him through the loud, thumping music.

“I’ll have whatever you’re having” I replied louder while leaning in towards him

I saw him smirk slightly as he called the bartender over “4 shots of vodka” he yelled over the music. Justin then turned to face me and he had a smile on his face. Not his famous smirk, but a real genuine smile. The kind that made you smile back because it was so charming

All too soon, the bartender came back with our order. Justin divided it in half so he had 2 and I had 2 and stopped to stare at me skeptically.

“What?” I asked with a small giggle. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do

“Drink it. Show me what you’ve got, baby” he purred in my ear. Once he pulled away, I made sure he saw my smirk before I grabbed one in each hand before throwing my head back. Tipping the shot glass in my right, I swallowed, and doing the same with the left, I slammed the two glasses down. The liquor burning my throat and causing a heat to rise.

The room suddenly felt hotter and heavier. I watched Justin stare at me in amazement before he did the same, cringing slightly from how strong it was. Feeling bold, I called the bartender over to order the same thing, and once again, the process was repeated.

Now, 4 shots of pure vodka later, I started having fun and letting lose. The song Strip by Chris Brown started booming through the speakers making my eyes widen. I LOVE this song!!!!!!! Its so sexual

Grabbing Justin by surprise, I grabbed his hand softly and headed to the center of the dance floor. Once we reached the middle, I turned my back to him and started moving from side to side. I felt him sneak behind me while wrapping his arms tightly around my waist so there wasn’t even space for a sheet of paper.  Moving my hips sexually, slowly yet hard, from side to side, I felt the grip on his hand tighten.

Feeling bold thanks to the shots, I dipped down slowly and got back up, pressing my ass hard on his groin causing a grunt to emit from the back of his throat.

This is going to be fun I smirked inwardly at myself.

Justin’s POV

I threw my head slightly back and shut my eyes tightly at the feeling of her ass pressed tightly against me. I don’t know what’s gotten into her, but she is bold and sexy and it’s turning me on so fucking much. My thoughts were interrupted when Jackie started moving her hips in a circular motion, intensifying the pressure on our lower halfs making me almost scream out in pleasure.

I dipped my head in the crook of her neck from behind and started nibbling on her skin to try and control my moaning. Suddenly, the song ended all too soon, and instead There Goes My Baby by Usher started playing

“Thought I would bring it down a notch for all the foxy ladies out there!!!! whhoo” The DJ roared through the microphone and right now I wanted to praise him.

I pulled my head back slightly to see what Jackie was gonna do, and she shocked me when she started grinding on me so slowly and passionately and so sexually. She grabbed my hands that had a death hold on her hips and intertwined our fingers as she dipped down yet again. I couldn’t control the moan that passed my lips that time. As soon as she came back up, I turned her around so she was facing me and we kept grinding to the music.

My hands were on her lower waist, almost grabbing her ass, and hers were locked tightly around my neck, pulling at the small hairs making me shut my eyes tightly. I can’t let her have all the fun of seducing. I dipped my head on her neck , and wasted no time in kissing and biting every inch of it. The alcohol had really sunk in right now, because I couldn’t give an ounce of a fuck to the death glare that Jake was sending our way. Right when I was about to pull away, I heard the sweetest most sexual sound I’ve ever heard in my life.

Her hands tightened around my hair as she pulled and tugged on the ends letting me know that whatever I was doing to her body, it felt good. My lips sucked on that spot for a couple more seconds before I trailed back up to her jaw and I bit on her earlobe slowly and sexually. The lust between was growing rapidly and there was no way of stopping it now. The song was halfway through, and we still kept our bodies locked to the point where air couldn’t even fit, and as I pulled away from kissing her jaw, I saw all the lust in her hazel eyes making my pants tighten even more than they already were.

Just when I was leaning in, someone tapped my shoulder roughly making my head snap up quickly. I looked behind and me and I immediately regretted it. in front of me stood none other than…..

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