Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


6. Chapter 6

Jacquelyn’s POV

Today has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. My and Sabrina shopped until we almost dropped. We flirted with so many cute guys that it’s not even funny. I’m not joking when I say that she’s become one of my best friends. She’s like my twin.

But finally, after going to many stores, we finally found the one as Sabrina called it. Her dress was blue and had sleeves that reached her elbows and it super sparkly. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was looking for something sparkly. My dress on the other hand is simple. Its just a white tube dress that reaches like half an inch above my middle thigh. So yeah, its short. But Sabrina wouldn’t shut up about how sexy I looked it in and how I was gonna be making guys hard…I don’t know, she’s weird.

“Oh.. my god. That’s classic” I laughed and wiped some tears that had escaped during my giggles. Sabrina had just told me one of her most embarrassing moments she had experienced with a guy.

“yeah now! Like back then, I wanted to just crawl under a rock and die from humiliation. It was embarrassing.” She exclaimed, throwing her free hand in the air while the other was occupied by 2 shopping bags.

After I had finally calmed down, I reached for my phone that had started vibrating in my back pocket.

“shit” I hissed when I saw it was Jake

“hello” I asked

‘hey Jackie. Where are you? I just got home but you aren’t here’ he said sounding worried

“crap I forgot to tell you that me and Sabrina are at the mall shopping for dresses for tonight. We’re done now and we’re headed home” I said while motioning to Sabrina to start walking out towards the parking lot

‘umm, okay just hurry up cause know how long it takes you to get ready.’ He said teasingly

I gasped audibly “jerk. But Sabrina is coming home and changing there with me okay?” I said once we reached the car and got in.

‘yeah I don’t care. Just get home quick its already 6 pm’ 

“alright fine. Love you” I said quickly and hung up once he had said it back

Me and Jake had always been very close. Like I said, our parents were never home so I depended on him to take care of me. He’s 22 so 3 years older and he had to grow up at a young age because of that. I could never thank him enough for what he’s done to protect me and take care of me my whole life.

Before I knew it, we had reached the front of the house. Sabrina and I got out and into the house and immediately jogged up the stairs and into my room. Jake had a point when he said I take long to get ready

As soon as I got to my room I shut the door and locked it, I started stripping off my sweater leaving me in just my bra and jeans.

“Whoa sweet cheeks. I don’t roll that way, just saying” Sabrina said staring me while I unbuttoned my jeans with a fake shocked expression on her face.

I literally burst out laughing so hard, my throat hurt from laughing. She soon joined and also started taking off her clothing.

I put on my dress along with my heels and I looked over at Sabrina and she had done the same. We both smiled before going to the bathroom and getting our makeup ready. Once that was ready I sprayed some perfume and put some lotion, and now it was time to do my hair

Sabrina decided to put my hair in soft curls, I looked hot!!!   Once I was done, I did Sabrina’s hair and I just straightened cause it looked good with the dress she wore. Finally, I got my old anklet that Jake had given me for Christmas and placed It safely on my left ankle.

*knock knock*

“Who is it?” I yelled through the door while standing up from the bed.

“It’s Jake. Open up”

I walked over to the door, my heels making a clicking noise with each step, and opened it to be met with a very good looking Jake.  He wore a black shirt that fit tight against his torso, he had some dark skinny jeans with some black supras and an Obey snapback. He gently brushed passed me and I could smell his cologne that I’ve grown to love.

“Hello ladies. Sabrina” Jake said, with a shy smile towards her.    Whoa whoa whoa whoa…. What’s going on here?  “Umm, Jackie, can we talk for a sec?” he continued

“sure, what about?” I asked while walking over to the full length mirror to check myself out again.

“I mean in private” Jake said. By the tone in his voice I could tell he meant he wanted to talk about Justin and I tonight at the club.

 I briskly walked over to him and whispered quietly “why can’t we tell Sabrina?” I asked confused

Jake shook his head no “because no one can know. Not even the boys downstairs. It would be better if they were clueless as to what we’re up to so that nothing slips out. Trust me.” He whispered back.

“Please. She’s my best friend here. The only one I’ve had since we came over. We can trust her. I promise. And besides, it’s only for one night.” I said trying to convince him. I mean, I needed someone to talk to and gossip to. I couldn’t just keep this big deal all to myself.  I watched as Jake looked over Sabrina, contemplating on what to do.

“fine” he sighed “Sabrina could you lock the door and come here real quick?” he asked her with a small smile playing on his lips. 

“sure” she said smiling back and looked at the ground so her hair masked her face.

Is she blushing?? Do these two like each other??? Whattt!!!???

“Okay. So you know why Jackie’s here, right?” Jake began and we both watched as she nodded softly

“Because The Nates threatened to hurt her. Why , what’s wrong?” she asked concerned making me smile

“Well, we’re going to the club tonight, but we can’t risk Ryder finding out she’s my sister, so we decided that it would be best if she was Justin’s date tonight to keep her safe. Seeing as him and his crew are scared of Justin.” Jake explained quickly.

I saw a small smirk grow onto Sabrina’s face, and I knew what was about to come… Thankfully, Jake begun again before she had the chance of saying any side comments.

“so, we can’t tell anyone. The only people that know this are us and Justin, who’s downstairs waiting for us. Okay?” Jake asked me

“yeah, I got it. But what exactly are we gonna do? I mean we can’t exactly kiss and hold hands ‘cause we just met and the boys will think something’s up…” I asked him

“Well, just say that he asked you out yesterday when he came up to be his date and you said yes to him. And just flirt tonight I guess.. but don’t overdo it, Jackie. Just regular flirting lik-”

“Yeah yeah yeah, I know how to flirt. So is everyone ready?” I asked getting my iPhone off the table

“yeah, we’re just waiting on you guys so let’s go!” Jake said before opening the door and leaving.

I felt Sabrina’s stare on me the whole time while I just kept looking at the door. I knew what she was thinking.

“So, who’s idea was it to fake date Justin?” she asked teasingly

“Jake’s. And trust me, neither of us want to do this. But it’s just for one night and it’s for my safety. So, just please don’t say anything.” I said looking at her.

“I won’t, I promise. But didn’t you guys have a fight earlier today?” she asked confused. I had told her all about it while we were shopping

“Yeah, so if he knows what’s good for him, he won’t push his limits…” I said while I applied some more lip gloss before looking at Sabrina “You look hot” I told her with a smirk

“Me? Look at you! I’d totally bang you tonight if I were Justin” she said teasingly..

“SABRINA!!” I yelled while I chased her out the room. We both stopped short at the stairs to laugh at each other before we continued to walk down the steps as if nothing happened.

Justin’s POV

We’ve been waiting downstairs for what seemed like 2 hours but really was just like 10 minutes. Jake had gone upstairs to talk to Jackie about how it’s going down tonight. And while he did that, I told the boys that I had asked out Jackie and we were going as a date. No one thought it was weird. In fact, they started cheering for me and saying how lucky I was. The only one who didn’t say anything was Caleb. He had a scowl on his face, but he tried to hide it.

“SABRINA!!!!” we heard Jackie yell and then lots of giggling. Suddenly, two figures started descending from the stairs.

I suddenly forgot how to breathe, talk, think, and even stand. To say that Jackie looked hot wouldn’t even suffice. She wore a tight white dress that reached mid-thigh that hugged her curves perfectly. You could definitely tell she was Hispanic from her curves. They literally stuck out in all the right places, yet she still looked thin. She wore a pair of White high heels and I noticed a shiny gold anklet around her left ankle. Her hair was in waves and it looked even darker than usual. Her makeup was done to perfection, even though it looked natural.

She walked into the living room where we all were waiting and placed her right hand on her hip. Caleb was the first to react, and I watched as he made his way over to her and gently kissed her cheek. She smiled at him gratefully with a small blush creeping on her cheeks, before walking to the boys next me and giving them a kiss on the cheek as if greeting them. I felt this weird feeling bubble up in my chest when Caleb kissed her. But it wasn’t jealousy…. It couldn’t be

Finally, she got to me. I expected her to give me a kiss on the cheek, but she surprised me when she wrapped he hands around my neck and gave me a tight hug. Placing my hand securely around her waist, I returned it with equal force. I dug my face into the crook of her neck, once again inhaling her smell that was becoming more familiar to me each day.

“Y-you look… beautiful. Stunning. Gorgeous” I said once we had pulled away.

She smiled lightly while looking at the ground “Thank you. You don’t look too bad yourself.”

I smirked at her, and we just stared at each for a few seconds before she broke her gaze and turned around.

“Well, let’s get his party started” she said in a happy tone, making everyone agree and head out towards the car. I was excited, I haven’t been to a club in so long due to business… tonight was gonna be awesome!

I mean, what could go wrong?

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