Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


5. Chapter 5

Jacquelyn’s POV What the actual fuck? What just happened? Why did he leave like that? What was his problem? To say I was mad, would be an understatement. Like literally 5 minutes ago we were laughing and getting to know each other and then he just tells me to stay away from him? News flash, buddy, we have to fake date tonight! But the fact that he said it so calmly and like it was no big deal infuriated me. Who did he think he is telling me what to do? But you know what? If he wants to act like a dick for no reason, then I’ll act like a bitch for no reason. Even though that IS the reason why im acting like a bitch, but he doesn’t know that. but im not heartbroken or any sappy shit like that. I don’t even like the kid. If anything, after that stunt he did, I hate him. Uhh…. jerk So now what am I supposed to do? Peeking over at the clock, it read 12:30 pm. I decided that I wanted to hang out, so I picked up my iPhone and called Sabrina. I had gotten her number last night before I had gone off to bed. 1 ring. 2 rings. 3 r- “Hello? “ “Heeey bestiiee!” “Omg best friend! Whats up, bitch?” “Well, I’m sitting here alone in my room and Justin just decided to be a major dick today, so I was wondering if you wanted to come over and have a girls day before we go out to the club!” I said in a hopeful tone hoping she would agree “Ohh girl. thank god you asked. I have been so bored lately. I’ll be over in like 15 minutes. “ “ahh thanks, babe.. see you in a few muahh” I said sounding it as if I was sending her a kiss “muuahhhh” she said sending me a bigger one making me giggle. While I waited, I went to my closet and looked for what I could wear. I couldn’t be in sweatpants all day, I mean I had to look cute all dayerryday… I decided on a sweatshirt I got for my birthday from Rosie and some black skinny jeans along with vans. I let my hair down into its natural curls/waves and put on my Obey Snapback. Going to the bathroom, I took out my makeup bag and put on some eye liner and mascara and a bit of lip gloss going for a more natural look. Spraying some perfume I was good to go. When I was done, I looked at the full length mirror and smiled at myself before doing a dozen different poses. I looked goooooooodd Right when I was finished being weird, the doorbell rang. I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket to make sure nothing happens to it and walked down the stairs. I was greeted by Sabrina and I couldn’t help but laugh as I took in her outfit. It’s like we were complete opposites. “Oh gosh. Girl you look hot today” she said with a smirk “trying to impress you-know-who, am I right? Am I right??” she said cockily while poking my stomach. I put a disgusted face while we walked up the stairs and into my room. “thanks and no. If anything, I could careless what he thinks.” I said, and she pouted “can I tell you a secret?” she said, dropping her voice down to a whisper like she was about to tell me the biggest secret of all time. I nodded “I personally think you two would make a cute couple. Like you are smoking hot and he’s well…he’s sex on legs, right? And BA-BAM! Perfect couple” she said doing weird hand gestures. But the fact that she thought me and Justin were a cute couple made me feel………disgusted. “Eew. You really think so. I mean, I know I’m hot and all that but come on..” I said while brushing off imaginary dust from my shoulders causing us both to laugh.. Right when she was about to reply to my egoistic comment, a loud moan as heard down the hall. “ooohhhh JUSTIN! RIGHT THERE BABY uhh!!” Me and Sabrina exchanged glances from one another. And it was like we had some sort of telepathy, because at the same time we both got up the bed, I grabbed my wallet from the night table, and we both sprinted out of that house so fast, you would’ve thought it was on fire. “eewww” we both shrieked simultaneously. “damn it, I can’t even be at peace in my own room..” I said with a scowl “I think somebody is jealous” Sabrina sang in a teasing manner. I raised my eyebrows at her “oh I’m sorry, do you want to go back there and listen to Sasha and Justin come and scream each other’s name in pure blis-” “Yes okay thank you I got it.” she said feeling disgusted “so what now?” she asked “Do you have a car?” she nodded “why don’t we go to the mall and go shopping. Have a real girl’s date and pick some sexy dresses for tonight. Yeah?” I asked getting excited I’ve always loved shopping. My parents were kinda rich considering my dad was a doctor and my mom was a lawyer. They were never home, basically, so I turned to shopping to fill in the space.. lol “Yes! I’m in need of something sparkly. Let’s go, you got me excited now” she said, practically dragging me to her car. She sped into the highway and we arrived to the familiar mall in less than 10 minutes. Our first stop was the one and only… Forever 21. This is gonna be fun!! Justin’s POV I shut my eyes tight as the feeling of my orgasm came… no pun intended. “uhh fuck” I grunted one last time before I pulled out of Sasha. She had screamed my name over and over and I was lucky if I got a few groans out. I’m telling you, she’s loose as fuck. I heard a set of footsteps running out of the house, I quickly put my boxers and looked out the window. I saw Jacquelyn and Sabrina talking and laughing with each other before Sabrina dragged her into the car and sped off. Okay? Where is she going? She better be back by 6 cause we need to figure out tonight’s events. “Justy. Come back to bed.” Sasha groaned. I rolled my eyes, I hated when she called me that and I’ve told her a million times not to. Reluctantly, I shuffled my feet towards the bed and laid down. Immediately, Sasha put her head on my shoulder and with her right hand started drawing invisible shapes on my chest. My eyes started feeling heavy, and a sense of tiredness washed over me. Considering I didn’t sleep well last night because of… whatever reason, so it was starting to affect me now.. Peeking over at the my phone, the clock said 12:59 pm. I guess I could sleep for a couple more hours and still be ready for tonight The last thing I remember before falling asleep is a faint “I love you” before I drifted into a deep sleep….
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