Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


4. Chapter 4

Jacquelyn’s POV

“Everything” Justin said while staring at the ceiling

“well that’s a broad subject. Um, I was originally born and raised in Puerto Rico. But we moved here due to some family issues when I was 8 years old. I don’t know, I mean I had a great childhood. Amazing parents, very supportive brother. I was always into sports because I always wanted to be fit and healthy so I did Volleyball for 3 years in middle school. Then when I got to high school I did 4 years of softball, both slow and fast pitch. And when I was 13 my mom decided to put me in dance. I think dance is the one sport that I really enjoy. It’s like my escape from reality. I’m really good at it. My dance teacher sends me to competitions around the country and I, for the most part, win.” I giggled slightly and looked over at Justin who was now staring at me with a small smile.

“Um, my favorite colors are blue and purple. My favorite number is 6 because that’s the number of my jersey in both Volleyball and Softball for 7 years in a row. I love Italian food, pasta is my favorite. I’m more of an outdoor kinda person. I’m scared of cats. I have a best friend named Rosie. And as of yesterday, this gang is out to get me, so to be safe I kinda have to fake date this kid… and yeahh” I finished while Justin chuckled

“wow. I feel sorry for that kid. Sucks to be him” he said while looking down. I gasped and smacked his arm “you’re so mean! I’ll have you know I’m a great girlfriend” I blurted

Justin’s eyes grew slightly “Oh yeah. So what, do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

“Maybe. But now it’s your turn. Tell me something about you.” I said looking down at the comforter of my bed. I’ve had a rough past with my last relationship. It wasn’t Caleb, cuz like I said, we ended on good terms. But my other boyfriend, Mike, wa-

“Um okay?” he said kinda confused before he continued “I was born in Canada. I have 2 younger siblings, my parents are divorced but I barely talk to either of them anymore. I got kicked out of the house at age 18, and that’s when I found this gang. The original leader, Joseph, took me in and basically raised me as his own from then on. He taught me everything I know. I got this house a couple of months ago, and I love it, but it doesn’t feel like a home to me though. My best friend is none other than Jake Martinez” he said shooting me a charming smile before continuing

“and now to keep his sister safe from this other gang, Im being forced to date her” he said with a slight roll of his eyes, pretending to be annoyed.

“Ugh, I seriously feel sorry for that girl. having to deal with you for a whole night? damn” I mumbled, looking pitiful. Now it was his turn to look offended. He pushed my shoulder playfully, making me fall flat on my back. He rolled on top of, his legs straddling me and his arms on either side of my head, supporting his weight on top of me.

We stared at each other for a god’s honest minute. No words, no smiles or smirks, barely any blinking. Just stared. He had beautiful eyes. They were hazel; a very light brown with green and gold specks.

I noticed that his trailed all over my face. Like he was trying to find any flaw or anything he could use against me. His eyes stopped dead on their tracks when they came across my lips. I licked my lips lowly out of nervousness and that’s when I had to stop this. I can’t just jump into some other boys’ charm because of their looks. That’s what happened last time and look where it got me..bruised and beaten

Just when I was about to say something, my phone started blaring, snapping the both of us out of whatever daze we had. Justin rolled off of me, and went back to his previous position, but with his hands behind his back.

Justin’s POV

What the fuck was that, Justin? I mentally screamed and scolded myself. I don’t even wanna know what would’ve happened if her phone hadn’t gone off. We kept staring at each other like the world depended on it. her lips looked so soft and pink and I wanted to know how they would feel against my own. That just couldn’t happen. I couldn’t be going into another relationship. I don’t trust people, especially not women, thanks to Katherine. And besides, I just met this girl yesterday and I already wanted to kiss her?

I can’t do this. The only thing I can do right now is be mean to her and push her away. I know what you’re thinking ‘why would you do that? You’re so stupid.’  Well if im mean and cruel to her then no feelings could ever be involved in this. I’m saving her from future heartbreak. We won’t work.

My thoughts were interrupted with a loud laugh coming from Jacquelyn. I looked up at her and noticed her hand was in front of her mouth as she laughed at whatever the other person said.

“Oh gosh. I love you, too. Bye, baby” she said and she hung up still giggling.

Baby? Love you, too? So she had a boyfriend? Why didn’t she tell me when I asked her?

“So its noon. What do you want to do now?” she said in a sweet tone and a smile playing on her lips.

“Nothing” I said bluntly while standing up from the bed and walking to the door.

“oh , but I thought you wanted to get to know each oth-” she began but I interrupted her

“yeah , and we know enough about each other. Look, just because we have to do this thing tonight, it doesn’t make us friends. Okay? I’m still gonna be a dick to you and you’re still going to my best friends annoying bitch of a sister. So just stay away from me unless you want me to make your stay here a living hell” I said in a somewhat calm voice which I’m sure hurt more than if I had screamed it.

I meant every word I said though. So I better hope she listens to me when I said to stay away because I’m nothing but trouble. And besides, I don’t want anything to do wither her.

With one last look at her confused face, I walked out her room and slammed her door shut. Walking into my room, I immediately called Sasha. I needed a stress reliever and she was the only one who would drop anything to please me… gullible bitch

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