Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


3. Chapter 3

Jacquelyn’s POV

Stretching my arms and legs out, I arched my back trying to release the tension in my muscles. I rolled over to the side and faced the alarm clock. It read 8:16 am. Uhh. I’ve always been an early riser and I guess you could say I’m a morning person. I loved the fresh air and the birds outside the balcony of this room calmed me down and made me realize that not everything in the world is evil.

Swinging my legs out of the bed, my feet touched the cold hardwood floor making me cringe slightly. This room gets really cold easily I noticed. Looking at myself in the mirror I noticed I was still in my shorts and tank top so I decided to take a shower. Stripping of my clothing and grabbing a towel I grabbed my iPhone and walked in. I put my favorite song and locked my phone again as I stepped in the shower. The hot water relaxed my muscled and fogged up the glass door. I did all the necessary things like shaving my legs and my under my arms, and even my lady parts. Quickly using my shampoo and conditioner, I rinsed myself and just stood under the water just thinking about life.

Once I was done, I wrapped the towel around my body and walked into my walk in closet. What should I wear? I’m not going anywhere today so nothing too much….oh fuck it. I decided on a pair of blue Dance sweatpants and a crop top that had a heart shaped at the back exposing my skin. Memories of these sweatpants came to me when I first got them at my dance studio.. walking over to the mirror I braided the top half of my hair and then put it in a messy bun. Walking back over to my drawers I picked up a pair of socks seeing as the floor was freezing

Giving myself a once over, I did look pretty good, I walked out of my room and down the stairs. Walking into the kitchen, I was met by Jake and an angry looking Justin. Uh-oh somebody give him a lollipop.

“Hey guys!” I beamed at them. Which only seemed to piss Justin off even more.  Ha-ha

“Hey. Listen, we gotta talk.” Jake said while his fingers played with the hem of his shirt. Something he always did when he was nervous. Oh crap..

“So, I have good news and bad news” Jake continued. Implying that he wanted me to choose which one to hear first.  

“Uhmm…. good news” I said hesitantly. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the orange juice and poured myself some in a glass, feeling Justin’s and Jake’s eyes on me the whole time.

“okay, so last night I found out that the leader of the Netas, Ryder, goes to this club downtown every Friday. We’re going tonight to check up on him and see if we can pick anything up from him or any of his friends. They always get pretty drunk there every time they go.” Jake said

“Oh that’s great! But what’s the bad news?” I asked, confusion evident in my voice.

“umm. S-so since we’re going, we can’t risk l-leaving you here..alone. So I think it’s best if you come with us.” Jake said, nervous as can be.

“Okay. I don’t see anything wrong with that” I said, no standing in front of him and next to Justin who sat at the island.

“Just one problem, Princess, we can’t have them knowing who you are unless we want them going after you.”  Justin said in an irritated tone like he pretended me to know what was the problem… bitch. And who does he think he is calling me Princess?

Jake noticed my confused face so he continued again. “umm, s-so instead of them knowing you’re my sister, we- well I decided that it would be best if you go tonight as Justin’s date seeing as they’re afraid of him.” He said all in one breath

Me. Justin. Date. Tonight.   Those words kept repeating in my mind

“WHAT?!” I screeched making Jake jump a bit.

“Look, before you try to decline it, its not really a choice. You have to do this if you want revenge, Jackie, and trust me we both do.” Jake said try to reason with me

“And trust me, Princess, and I’m not too thrilled about us dating either” Justin said with a scowl on his face.

Fake dating.. and I get that, but why him? Why can’t I pretend to date Liam? or even Caleb?” I said, and a small smiled played on my lips when I said Caleb. Am I still into him like that?? Wtf

“Because, you idiot, I’m the leader of this gang. Just like everyone is scared of Ryder, people are even more terrified of me. This gang is the baddest one in town and me being the leader makes me the meanest and scariest guy in it. If you’re with me, Ryder won’t dare mess you with you.” Justin said getting impatient with me. Fuck you….    But I could tell he wasn’t really into this whole dating thing. Not after last night’s events he’s not

I walked over to the sink to wash my cup and I felt both pairs of eyes staring at me. I turned around with ‘what do you want’ look.

“well?” Jake asked, waiting for my answer

“well it’s like you said, I don’t really have a choice. I mean how bad can one night be, right?” I said while crossing my arms and going back to stand where I was

Jake smiled broadly and kissed me on the cheek “thank you! You’re the best. It’s only for tonight, I promise. Now I gotta go take care of some stuff for tonight. See you guys later.” He said, and with one last hug for me and a handshake with Justin, he left.

Now it was just me and Justin….. alone


Justin’s POV

As soon as Jake shut the door, it was dead quiet. I focused my attention back in front of me to notice Jacquelyn stood there with her arms crossed staring at me with a damn smirk on her face.

“Well, I’m gonna start breakfast. I’m hungry” she said while going to the stove and getting out some eggs and bread.

I just stared at her in amazement. How can this girl, knowing I’m the leader of a damn gang, still have this confidence and attitude towards me. She does know that I’ve killed people, and that I’m not exactly the easiest person to get along with right? An idea crept up to my mind as I saw her stirring the mix for pancakes.

I slowly walked towards her, and once I reached her, the same smell of her shampoo and conditioner filled my nose. I failed to notice when she first walked in, her hair was wet and in a bun. From my view, I could see her smooth back thanks to the crop top she wore that was in a heart shape. i slowly leaned in and wrapped my hand around her waist. I smirked when I heard her gasp and stop her stirring.

“it’s nice to know I have an effect on you” I mumbled sexily into her ear from behind. She turned around, with my arms still wrapped around her waist, and smiled. She put her hands around my neck and pulled me in closer.

“It’s not an effect, babe, you just caught me by surprise. There’s a difference” she mumbled before turning back around and kept stirring.  Uhh, why can’t this girl just give up and let me win? Just once!

But I’m not gonna let her know that she won this. It isin’t over until I say it is. And this has just begun.

“Jackie, could you please make me some breakfast. I’m really hungry” I said from behind while tightening the grip on her waist. I buried my head in the crook of her neck, and the smell of both her soap and natural skin reached my nose. An involuntary moan from the back of my throat  “You smell really good, Baby” I said while trailing my lips up and down her neck, towards the back of her neck and to the other side.

“Sure. What do you want? I’m cooking eggs, bacon and pancakes. Is that good?” she said normally. What the fuck?  Not a shudder, no moaning, no goose bumps? That’s a first…..

“Yeah its great. thanks” I muttered. I stepped back and sat back down on my chair and just watched her. She did everything so gracefully. She was certainly not like every girl. by now, they would be pouncing on me and begging to take them upstairs. But NOOO, She just has to be difficult.

After about 10 minutes she put two plates on the table, and two cups, along with orange juice. She sat down in front of me and started eating. I stared at the plate in front of me in silent awe. I haven’t had an actual breakfast meal in a long time. Usually its just cereal or toast or most of the time nothing.

“What? Is something wrong with it.” She asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Nah its fine. Thank you so much, babe. I’ll pay you back” I said with a cocky voice, a smirk and a wink at the end. If she was going to play hard, well so am i.

“Oh god.” She said with an eye roll

I hate when people roll their eyes. But I’ll let this one pass since she made me food

“Oh! So for tonight, what should I wear? Like is it one of those late night clubs or is it more casual or what?” she said while picking up her orange juice.

“wear something sexy..” I said with a smirk. I got up and put my finished plate into the sink and turned around. Only to be met with a pair of brown eyes. She stepped around me and mirrored my actions.

“Did you expect any different?” she whispered as she got closer. Why are you such a tease….god!

“Says the manwhore himself” she said with a slight giggle.. whoops did I say that outloud?

“wait where are you going?” I asked when I realized she was going up the stairs

“to my room” she said slowly like a was an idiot.  “wait where do you think you’re going??” she said when I ran up the stairs and into her room yet again.

“to you’re room, duh” I said mimicking her voice

“I don’t talk like that, idiot” she said crossing her arms and with a small pout

Aww , she’s so cute!  WHAT? No she isin’t uhh

“I think we should get to know each other. I mean we are going to be dating for a couple of hours and we have to make it believable. Ryder is good at reading people, so If he knows this is fake, we’re in trouble” I said staring at her while she sat next to me on the bed.

“Okay. Let’s play 20 questions” she said with a smile

“oh no! I hate that game its so cliche” I said with a grunt causing her to giggle and me to smile

“well I learned one thing about you… you don’t like to play 20 questions ” she muttered playfully making me chuckle.

Whoooaaaa were we actually getting along???

“but seriously, we should get to know each other” I said while laying on my back staring at the ceiling

She mirrored my actions but facing me, and her right hand propping her head up “okay, so what do you want to know?”


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