Fate (Justin Bieber Fanfiction)


10. Chapter 10

Justin’s POV

The only thought on my mind on our drive back home was of Jacquelyn. What happened back there was definitely not part of the plan. I’m not joking when I say that the feeling of my orgasm with Sasha earlier today cannot compare to the one that happened just moments ago. It just something about the way that she moved against me, and ho-

“Yo Justin! Get outta the car, man. We’re home” Jake said interrupting me of my daydream. Hastily I got out of the car and made my way into the house. On the way up the stairs, I could faintly smell Jackie’s perfume… oh god, I’m going crazy

Deciding that it would be the mature thing to do, I walked to her door and softly knocked 3 times before opening the door myself. The room was very dim and the plasma on the wall was lit indicating she was watching a movie.

“Oh wow, you actually knocked!” Jackie said sarcastically while pausing whatever she was watching and turning the lights on

“Ha-Ha very funny.” I said still looking at her. Whatever she wears, she still manages to look good in it. I also noticed that with the crop top she was wearing, you could clearly see her belly piercing. Do you know how much of a fucking turn on that is for me? I noticed she was staring at me with a ‘what do you want’ look so I spoke up again

“Umm, I just wanted to come over and tell you that you did a good job tonight. We would have never been able to get the address without you. You were really…. Really good” I said trying to find the right words to describe everything that happened.

I saw as a smirk grew on her lips before she spoke. “Does that have a double meaning to it?” she asked while her face tilted to the right trying to act all innocent. Reminding me exactly of Katherine which changed my mood drastically.

“Of course” I said before smoothly walking out of her room while shutting her door.

I walked into my room and took of my shirt and jeans. Going over to my dresser, I picked out a pair of blue baggy sweatpants and went to bed shirtless. Thoughts of everything from tonight kept replying over and over on my mind. I didn’t want them to, I just wanted to forget that this night ever happened. I mean, this fake dating was only for one night, so whatever feeling or deeds that were done tonight are to be forgotten about. Forever.

Jacquelyn’s POV

I woke up around 8:30 am due to sudden footsteps outside my door. I stretched my limps and arched my back to fully wake myself up. I heard light knocks coming from the door, and thinking it was Justin I didn’t reply knowing he’d just walk in. But when I heard it again, I stood up from my warm bed and opened the door. I was met with a familiar shade of green eyes and brown hair. Caleb.

“Hey” I said letting him into the room.

“Hi. I remember you were always an early riser so I don’t think I woke you up, right?” Caleb asked worriedly.

“I was sleeping, but I was gonna wake up in like 5 minutes anyway” I giggled “so what do you need? Justin’s still sleeping” I said while walking over to make my bed.

“Oh right. Well I didn’t come for him, I wanted to talk to you for a bit. I mean, I haven’t seen you in almost a year, and…. I miss you” he admitted shyly making me smile

“Oh. All right. So what’d you have in mind?” I asked him while I sat at the edge of my bed.

“Well Liam and Ethan are here too, and they said they wanted to get to know you better seeing as you’ll be staying here for a while. Why dont the four of us go out to get some ice cream and catch up?” he asked while stuffing his hand in his front pockets.

“Oooh, awesome! Tell them to give me like 10 minutes to change and get ready and we’ll be ready to go.” I said feeling excited. I loved ice cream and walks by the park. It was so peaceful

“all right” he replied with a smile as he walked to me and slowly kissed my cheeks. He turned around and softly closed my door, leaving me speechless and blushing like a mad man…. Oh-uh

I walked into my closet and chose a pink crop top with ‘Nerd’ written in black that showed my belly piercing and my favorite pair of skinny jeans. I took out my pink sandals and put my glasses on. Spraying some perfume on my wrists and my neck and some on my shirt I looked at myself in the mirror.Applying some eye liner and mascara and dabbing some lip gloss on my lips I was ready to go!  Grabbing my iPhone off the night table where it was charging and placing it in my left back pocket, I descended down the stairs to be met with the 3 boys. Finally, a relaxing day


Justin’s POV

I woke up due to the sudden light coming in from the window. Damn curtains can never do their job right

Stretching for a couple of seconds, I got out of bed and took a quick shower. Stepping out a dried myself and picked out a red shirt and some shorts that reached a little below my knees when I sagged them. Putting on my favorite chain around my neck and my watch on my left wrist I looked at myself in the mirror. Grabbing my snapback and putting it lazily on top of my head, I sprayed some quick cologne and headed out of my room. 

Noticing Jackie’s room door was opened I decided to see if she was awake. Why am I suddenly caring about her?  Knocking a few times and barging in knowing it would piss her off, my smirk faded when I noticed she wasn’t there. Her bed was neatly made and the distant smell of her perfume still lingered in the air. What is it with me and her damn perfume??   Whatever.  But seriously,  where did she go? Maybe with Sabrina or some crap….


With a slight frown on my face, I started going down the stairs. I had texted the address last night to Jacob so he could figure out what we should do next. Even though I’m the leader of this gang, I still need back up, and Jacob was one of my closest pals to consult to besides Jake.

I stepped into the kitchen trying to think of what to eat, so once again I just settled for cereal and milk. When I was finished I went to the living room and started watching tv and settled on some old reruns of Jersey Shore. I remember last night Jacob said that him and the boys would be coming over to talk about Ryder’s warehouse or some crap.

About an hour later the doorbell rang and I hastily got up from the couch and answered it. Only to be met with not even half of my crew, but they still seemed to be in a rush to come in. Wait, where’s Caleb, Liam, Noah, Chris, and Ethan?  I wondered.

“Justin! Get over here” Jacob roared from the kitchen. I instantly shut the front door and ran into the kitchen to see Jacob and the boys looking worried and scared.

“What happened?” I asked concerned.

Right when they were about the reply, the front door opened and in walked Jackie with Liam and Caleb laughing at something Caleb had said. Thoughts of last name came flooding in once again at the sight of Jackie. Once they realized that everyone was here, they became serious.

Jackie walked in, looking fine as hell might I add, and kissed everyone on the cheek as a greeting before stopping in front of me and doing the same.

“Oh come on! You don’t greet your boyfriend like that do you? Kiss him like you did last night Jackie…” Ben, one of the cockiest in the crew shouted over to us causing everyone to wolf whistle in agreement.

In an instant both of our eyes widened in surprise and her hazel eyes filled with worry as realization kicked in to the both of us…

            We still had to pretend to date in front of the boys…..


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