He cant see me

Abby is a ghost in love with a common school boy


2. THAT girl

Today Abby hoped for a great day. She was ready to follow Ace around all day and go to some random classes but as soon as she floated in she noticed someone, a girl, with Ace, yes that Ace the very same Ace who she loved and this girl had the nerve to hold him close and kiss those soft lips that she had pretty much placed a "reserved" sign on

"I gotta go Acey Wacey" said the girl her words all dripping with venom the girl turned around and looked straight at Abby and WAVED like she new Abby was there, at that abby floated at full speed through the girl and straight to the library to read.

It took great concentration for Abby to read, to concentrate on being solid enough to touch things but after a quick flick through a book about ghosts she discovered that if the person has what said ghost wants then that person can she said ghost...

AN heeeey guys I will try for a chapter a week or if you're lucky more often I really hope you like it...

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