He cant see me

Abby is a ghost in love with a common school boy


4. how to handle a freak out

Ace run backwards but he ran into a body cold and flickering he freaked he screamed but when the girl grabbed him he calmed down her grip was firm but comforting

"Don't be scared please" said the girl in a soft voice but she sounded like it took all her might to speak those words as I pulled free if her grip I looked into her eyes they were a beautiful blue and I saw her brown hair flow as she suffered then she was gone I had no idea what happened but I knew I loved this girl ghost or not...

Abby's POV

I don't know how it went with him but I still followed him into class but I freaked when I saw that the girl was there I decided to have some fun I went over to the teacher and glided threw her hand 'causing it to shudder and she scribbled all over the white board the students laughed I felt happy and decided to create one more bit of havoc by pushing an apple on the teachers desk it rolled under the kids feet and one of the boys kicked it then another one did and another until it was an apple soccer match all the kids laughed and I was happy the girl looked at me and smiled giving a wink...

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