He cant see me

Abby is a ghost in love with a common school boy


5. besties

Abby's POV

as I walked up to the girl after her class was over I decided that would talk to her

"Hey you that ghost I read up on it last night" she said smiling

"Yeah I'm Abby what's your name?" I said putting out my hand for a handshake she accepted and we shook hands but she quickly pulled back rubbing her hand

"I'm Beth oh my hand's all tingly" she said still rubbing her hand

"Oh that's funny usually it's cold as ice" I said giggling

"That's cool hey how come I can see you?" Said Beth

"Oh um see you know your boyfriend?" I said looking at the ground

"Yeah..what about ace?" Beth said a little worried

"Oh um well I like ace and because you're his girlfriend I um well you can see me" I said shaking a little

"Oh okay wanna go shopping?" Beth asked

"No thanks how about we head to the netball courts it's funny to knock the ball in and out of the hoop when the girls play!" I giggled

"Okay those girls always tease me!" Replied Beth

Ace's POV

I wonder what Beth was doing laughing at nothing and then walking off but then I started wondering about that girl Abby she was kinda strange I think I'll look it up tonight...

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