He cant see me

Abby is a ghost in love with a common school boy


3. Ace's POV!!

Today as Ace walked over to his locker he saw a note and written on the golden paper in bright bronze ink were the words "I now you can't see me but I see you call me 0470 341 677 ... Abby" Ace had been at this school a full week now and had never heard of an Abby and he wondered about that whole "you can't see me" business but he reluctantly took out his samsung and rung this Abby girl


"Hi is this Abby?"

"Yes hey Ace I see you got my note"

"Hang on I think you're breaking up its crackly and your a bit quiet maybe speak louder?"

"Oh Ace that's not the reception that's just me I....." Suddenly he heard only crackling but in seconds he saw words being written in the dirt he freaked and stamped on the words to rub them away but he just heard a tiny voice gasp

"Ow!" And at this Ace also gasped but still read the words

"I am a ghost I have seen you and I really like you I just can't be seen" Ace was scared...

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