Kyle Summers wasn't the average person that you would decide to write a book about. She wasn't the unpopular girl. She wasn't made fun of. Her parents were just fine. She was pretty, popular, and smart. The exact opposite of normal book characters. Tidal has everything going for her... Or does she?

First book in the 'Golden' series!!


2. Shivers

The days went by fast, and in almost no time, I was on the last day of my 'grounding'. On the last day, it started like any other. Got up, got dressed, at breakfast, all that. I went to school, did my nails in Biology, and got out as normal. That was, until Daulton talked to me.

"Hey! Kyle, babe, listen. There's a party tonight at CoCo's (a club)! Wanna go with? There will be alcohol, strippers, and..." He lowered his voice, "possibly drugs. But nothing too fancy. Just like hashish. So, what do you say?" He looked at me, and did that eye-glint thing. I couldn't say no to that!

"Sure honey! What time does it start?" What? It's not like you wouldn't turn down a party with all those amazing things with your boyfirend! I knew I was grounded but, like I said, I honestly don't care. I do what I want, when I want.

"It starts at 9:00, and goes on until 4:00 in the morning. Party all night babe! Pick you up at 8:30, see you tonight!"


The night went by in a blur. I could barely remember anything, except for the fact that I slept over at Daulton's house afterwards. We partied til 5:00 in the morning, and when I woke there was nothing but a bad stomach and, I hate admit, bad hair. I remember meeting new people, and partying, and drinking, and I think I smoked a cigar once!! And my parents had no idea, and they never will. If everything goes my way.


Its a week later, and Daulton has gone to Aruba. Im pretty upset, because I can't contact him. But he does write. He's gonna be there for a month, and he's on a trip to help poor kids! So sweet. Thats why I'm his girlfriend. Well, one of the reasons. Another reason? He's not the most popular guy in school, not my best friend that's secretly liked me, and not the football captain. I mean, come on people. How cliché would that be??

The next morning, Daulton called me. What? I thought to myself. I mean, he's in Aruba! He can't call me... Should I pick up? After what felt like an hour, I finally picked up the phone. It sent shivers down my spine.

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