Adventures with Niall and the Boys

Sera accidentally makes her way to the backstage area while trying to find the loo. There she comes face to face with one of the members of the band One Direction. Read on to find out what happens when she meets with them.


1. Madison Square Garden

Sera's POV:

I'm asking the security guard if I can go in early to use the bathroom. "Can I go in early to use the bathroom." "Can I see some ID miss?" He asks briskly. "Why?" I ask as I'm searching my bag for my school ID and my license. " Because you are carrying a massive camera and you look like you could be the paps trying to get a picture of the boys." I hand him my IDs and say, "Oh no, I am definitely not paparazzi. I need this camera for a school project I'm doing on the boys' concert here at Madison Square Garden." He looks at both my IDs and then looks at me and finally gives in. " Okay, you seem to be telling the truth. I'll let you in." He opens the door and I tell him thanks with a smile.

I walk down the long hallway trying to find the bathroom. I don't realize I'm actually in the backstage area until someone with a familiar cute Irish accent says, "Looking for something, luv?" I', so surprised that I drop everything that I'm holding. I close my eyes hoping to turn around and see who I think I'm hearing behind me.

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