Darkness (16+)

I can't handle the pain he puts me through, the weight of pain he forces on my heart.
But every time I take a step into his Darkness, I feel myself fall under.
I know he's bad for me, but I need him.
No matter how many times we tell each other to stay away, we both come crawling back.
I love Him.
I love the guy I hate.


7. Chapter 7-

*Harrys P.O.V*


"We cant do this" I seethed under my breath, storming towards my car. "What the fuck" I staggered, I pounded my fist on the bonnet of my car, denting the black metal material.  "Fuck sake" I threw myself in the car, slamming the door loudly. 

I pulled away from the building, pulling out the opposite way from the beach.

My phone buzzed on the seat next to me. "Fuck off Louis" I groaned, ignoring the tone of the ringing. 

More vibrations occurred from text messages asking me where I was. 

To be honest, I have no clue where I'm going, but by sure I need a drink.


*Victoria's P.O.V*


I flung myself at my phone when It vibrated loud.

"Liam?" I held my phone close to my ear.

"Tori...Is Harry with you?" His voice was harsh and quick.

"N-no? Why?" I stuttered, blocking my other ear to listen better.

"We cant get hold of him, was he in a good mood when he left yours?" 

"Not really, he left about 15 minutes ago" I spoke.

"Shit" Liam cursed harshly.

"Liam...what's going on?" I was worried.

"He's not answering our calls or texts, he suffers from really bad anger Issues and drink issuesTori...we need to find him" 

"I'll go out it my car, I'll ring you"

I hung up instantly, shoving my phone in my pocket, I grabbed a cardigan and keys before racing out the door.

I started my car up pulling out the driie. Knowing Harrys he wouldn't have gone back the beach way.

I flat out sped my car down the windy roads. 

"A pub...?" I looked out at the building I passed, looking for a pub, where Harry would find refuge.

I pulled up outside a small club where I looked out for Harry car.

"Gottcha" I smiled. I climbed out of my car and walked steadily over to Harrys black range rover. "Shit" I cursed, seeing two big blows that were made on the bonnet.

Hes real angry.

I scanned the car for more before, pulling my hair out of the messy bun so its hung way past my shoulders.

I took a deep breath before heading for the entrance of the pub, where the loud music hit me in seconds.

I scanned the floor area, no curly haired dick.

I walked straight to the bar.

"There you are" I whispered to myself. 

I walked straight up to Harry before he took another glug from his glass of liquor.

"Put it down Harry" I said, my voice shaky.

His eyes darted to me in a glare.

"What the fuck are you doing here" He spat at me, he ran a palm through his curly knots.

"Saving your arse, so come'on" I grabbed his wrist but he pulled away.

"Im not coming, piss off" He groaned.


"What?"  He seemed shocked by my simple answer.

"I'll justfind someone that will help me get home, I don't really know my way" I walked away from him, walking straight towards a group of boys. 

"Oh hey girl" A dirty blonde haired boy spoke.

"Hi" I spoke, I glanced over my shoulder, Harrys eyes were glued at me.

Im hoping the jealousy trick will work.

"I was wondering if one of you boys could help me home" I let my eyes wander around the circle. One of them hopped to my side, slipping a arm around my waist and his hand to my behind.

I wasn't expecting that.

"Lets go babe" The drunk slurred.

I glanced over my shoulder, Harry stormed over.

"Come on love, its time to  go now" Harry coughed, clinging to my side.

"Whos this?" The boys eyes were wide.

"This is my....." I looked up to Harry for guidance.

"Im her boyfriend, and we really have to go" 

I could tell he was trying to keep calm, a drunk and angry Harry is one I would not like to mess with.



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