Darkness (16+)

I can't handle the pain he puts me through, the weight of pain he forces on my heart.
But every time I take a step into his Darkness, I feel myself fall under.
I know he's bad for me, but I need him.
No matter how many times we tell each other to stay away, we both come crawling back.
I love Him.
I love the guy I hate.


4. Chapter 4-

*Harry's P.O.V*


"Dude, you need to sort your anger out" Liam huffed, patting me on the back as we walked back up to the towels.

"Fuck off man, If I weren't there..."
"But you were" Tori whimpered, cutting me off. I shrugged it of.

"Thankyou" She smiled again.

"Don't mention it..." I agreed.

"No, really than.."

"I said don't mention it" I snapped.

She looked taken aback,.
"Your a dick" She shook her head.


*Victoria's P.O.V*

"Your a dick" I shook my head, edging closer to Sophia and Eleanor.

"Jesus Harry, your eyebrow" Louis gulped, I looked at Harry touch his right eyebrow, blood spewing from it.

"Here, let me" I walked towards Harry with my hand out to him, he glared at me, but didn't flinch as I looked around the cut.

"Stop fidgeting" I swatted my hand at him, the corner of my eyes glancing at Sophia and Eleanor who's lips were sucked into their mouth. 'What?' I mouthed to them, they shook their heads and both simultaneously winked at me.

"Your going to have to get it cleaned Harry, I can take you to the public toilets?" I cringed at the blood.

"Hmphh...I guess so" He shrugged his shoulders.

"Get some chip or something guys" I said, following Harry up the bach.


"Will you keep fucking still" I hissed at him,I dabbed the blood off his eye brow and lip.

He stared at me.

"Stop staring" I flinched.

"Your beautiful" He smirked.

Seconds later his lips were pressured on mine.

I pulled back from the igniting kiss.

"What was that for?" I gasped, my lips parting.

"My lip was sore" He winked.

I shook my head at his arrogance and we left the toilets.

I cannot believe that just happened?


The walk from the public toilets back to the beach was extremely awkward.

"Why havent you got a topon" Harry looked up from the sand to my chest, staring at the mauve bikini top.

"Maybe because you went off in a huff so quickly" I grunted, flicking my sunglasses back onto my face.

"You didn't have to come after me"  His voice was low and crispy.

"Well its a good job I did" I gestured to his swollen lip.

"I wouldn't have a messed up face If you came" He spoke.

"Your face is already messed up" I sniggered under my breath.

"What did you say?" He stopped in his steps, the corner of his lips smirking.

"Erm..Nothing" I yelped.

I bit down on my lip as his eyes scanned my body.

"I'll have you know my face is very beautiful" He had a smirk on his face that was very unfamiliar.

"Oh yeah, yeah, course" I rolled my eyes sarcastically, turning around on the hot sand and walking back down the beach.

"HARRY NO!" I screeched as a pair of strong arms wrapped around my stomach, lifting me up against his chest.

"Tell me I'm beautiful" He laughed, spinning me around, I kicked my legs out.

"Never!"I squealed.

He continued to spin our bodies around, his arms continuing to hold me up.

"Okay okay, your beautiful!" I squealed. He stopped. Put me down, and walked off.


What a day.








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