Darkness (16+)

I can't handle the pain he puts me through, the weight of pain he forces on my heart.
But every time I take a step into his Darkness, I feel myself fall under.
I know he's bad for me, but I need him.
No matter how many times we tell each other to stay away, we both come crawling back.
I love Him.
I love the guy I hate.


36. Chapter 36-

I'm so sorry for the long wait, my laptop is broken And I'm currently using my mums iPad, I hope to get the problem fixed as soon as possible!!

Thankyou all for being so patient, I love you more then anything.


My leg draped over Harry's legs, my head resting on his rising and falling chest. 

"Have you talked about the funeral?" He spoke, his fingers fiddling with my brown hair.

My chest tightened at the idea. 

"Not really" I sighed.

Harry pressed his lips to the top of my head, earning a small smile from me. 

"I'm going to be here for you, no matter what" He sounded so sure yet so guilty? 

One of his hands slowly tickled my arm that glowed with cleaness from the recent kinky shower. 

"I dont know what I'll do without her" My lips parted.

Harry hugged me tighter,  closing us together even more.  "Your going to make her even more proud then you do" His words were slowly fixing my broken heart.

"I'm glad you came Harry" I nuzzled into him.

"Yeah,  all over your stomach, I knew you'd love it" His smirk was clear. It took me a moment to realise what he said. "Harry" I groaned, hitting his chest playfully.  

He pretended to be hurt, clasping  his hand over his heart.

"I love you" I was certain of my voice.

"I love you more than anything" 

It was that moment when the door opened, Ben and Melissa entered the living space.

"Hey " Melissa was such a sweet women, perfect for my brother Ben.

I sat up against Harry,  "Get anything nice?" I tried to make conversation. 

"I got you a beautiful dress for the funeral" Melissa sweetly smiled, placing a bag down at her feet. "So your mom can see how beautiful you look " 

I pushed up from the sofa, Harry's fingers lightly attached to mine still. 

I rummaged in the bag, finding a sweet head piece,along with a black silk dress. I gasped at how beautiful it is, the material we as perfect, a thin ribbon around the waist, and a small deep purple flower at the breast.  I touched the flower, brushing my fingers softly against it. "I got Harry a matching tux, the tie the same deep purple " Ben stepped forward. 

"Mum's favorite colour" I creeped a smile.  

Harry stood up, his hands reached for my hips as he stood closely behind me. "Thank you" Harry struggled with his manners. 

"Are you two staying for dinner? " Melissa asked, gathering some bags together. 

I looked at Harry,  "Sorry, but if it is okay, Im going to take Tori out to dinner?"

I looked at Harry a little shocked, mouthing "Are we?" To Harry.  

"That's fine by us, off anywhere special?" Melissa smiled.

"Just a nearby restaurant,  Come on babe, lets go get ready" I was still a little shocked when Harry took my hand.


I watched Tori pull at the robe that annoyingly hugged her body. "Harry turn around " She groaned innocently.

Damn she's such a turn on.

"I've seen It all before" I was behind her quickly, I could feel the effect I have on her through the air.

I used my right hand to gently pull her hair to the side, then both of my hands at her hips. 

My boner was brushing her arse.  

"I would do anything to bend you over right now" 

She gasped as my cold lips touched her neck, sighing as I inhaled at her soft skin.

"Harry...." She moaned,  biting the insides of her cheeks. 

I pulled away, leaving her wanting more.

"So, where are we going?" She asked impatiently as she sat in the passenger seat of my car.

My phone buzzed, I took a moment to glance at it.

Louis - We're here.

Harry - On our way mate.

I stuck my phone away, looking up at the road, I pulled into the drive. 

"This is a cute place" Tori smiled at the building in front of us.  I grabbed her hand as we exited the car, our fingers entwining.

We entered the place, a young. waiter stood behind a small desk, his eyes were quick too trail up Tori's hot body, my arm tensed, I'm sure she coud feel it.

She reached up on her toes, pressing a kiss on my cheek, the waitor backed down quickly. 

That's my girl.

"What table?" The short man looked up at me.

"Styles" My tone was still  harsh. 

He looked down  at his clipboard. 

"Round to the left" He grunted. 

"Thanks" Tori was polite.

Not when she's screaming my name as I thrust into her though.

"What's so funny? " Tori brought. e from sexual thoughts. 

"Nothing, why?" I wrapped my arm around her waist as we walked.

"Your smirking" She giggled.

I shrugged it off.

I couldn't wait to see her reaction for  the surprise.

"Where's our tab --" She stopped, her jaw wide open, her eyes already producing  tears.


They were all here, just like I planned.








and his lady friend Perrie. 

"Wha --What are y-you doing here? " Tori whispered.

Eleanor and Sophia jumped up.

"We're here for you" Sophia hugged her.

"We're sorry for your loss" Eleanor cried. 

Everyone else greeted Tori with hugs and kisses,  this is what she needs. 

"Who's idea is this then?" Tori's  smile gained confidence.

"Harry's of course" Niall  chirped. 

I felt a hand on my leg,  slowly stroking me. 

Please, not. now.

"Thanks babe" She smiled thankfully. 

I nodded. 

"I love you " I grinned. 

"I love you " She whispered. 

*Tori's P.O.V* 

I can't believe Harry did this.

It's Just so thoughtful of him, and it's exacting what I need right now.

I need all of my favourite people around me too help me through this all.

We all ordered are food and chatted as we ate.

"I'm so full" I laid a hand over my stomach,  rubbing circles over it.

Harry glanced at me,laughing.

His arm reached up and laid across the back of my chair. 

"So where are you guys staying?" I asked, placing my hand back on Harry's thigh, my thumb stroking small circles.  His jaw tensed, what's wrong with him?

"Theres a classy hotel across the street, we all have a room there for a few days" Liam smiled. 

"So your staying for the funeral?" 

"Of course!  Your Mum used to make the meanest peanut butter cookies" Louis chuckled.

My hand tightened on Harry's thigh as I grew excited.

"Sorry " I relaxed my hand as Harry winced.

" Baby, you didn't hurt me"  He said quietly.

"Then why did you wince?" 

He raised his eyebrows.

He was horny. 

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