Darkness (16+)

I can't handle the pain he puts me through, the weight of pain he forces on my heart.
But every time I take a step into his Darkness, I feel myself fall under.
I know he's bad for me, but I need him.
No matter how many times we tell each other to stay away, we both come crawling back.
I love Him.
I love the guy I hate.


35. Chapter 35-

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*Victoria's P.O.V*


Sadness, anger and guilt burdened my shoulders as I curled up in the guest bedroom at Ben and his fiancées house.

I should have stayed in Washington with Mum.

Its where I belonged.

I could have done something to prevent this all.

I could have helped.

Childhood memories filled my empty brain.

Memories of when I would graze my knee and mum would kiss the plaster before placing it gently on my torn skin.

The times where she would take me to the park and catch me at the end of the slide.

I can always remember the days I would get home from High school and tell her how Harry would wind me up ,teasing me.

She would always say. "He likes you Vicks" I didn't believe her back then.

I wonder what she would say now.

My thoughts flashed back to Harry.

Images of that girl at his house.

How could he do such a thing to me.

I thought he loved me?


*Harry's P.O.V*


I love her. I need her.

I drove down to the address I was given by Eleanor and Sophia.

I know I'm bad for her, I've known this from the start.

What I did with that annoying red head was wrong and cruel.

I'm a selfish dick.

I pulled mycar to a halt outside the house of my destination.

It was 8 in the morning.

An appropriate time to aproach the house.


My palms shook as I locked my car, shoving the keys in my back pocket as I walked up the pavement path towards the house.

It took a few breath before I knocked lightly on the door, a few moments later a young women stood at the door.

She wore a blue top with blue jeans, her hair was long and blonde with green eyes like my own.

"Can I help you?" She smiled to me.

"Erm..Yeah, I'm here to see Victoria" I scratched the bottom of my neck as I reached behind me.

"Well, she isn't up yet but you may come in, Me and her brother are both up" She stepped to the side slightly.

I nodded.

"Thank you" 

I'm not too good with manners, but it'll do.

The warmth of the house was nice, I was led to a large kitchen, with stalls around an island.

A young man pushed up from one at my entrance.

"Harry?" He tilted his head at me.

Must have remembered me from school, he's only a good 3 years older then us.

"Heya mate" I stuck my hand out, he greeted me with a pat on the back. "I'm so sorry about your loss" I supported him.

He nodded.

"So, what brings you here?" He points to a stall beside him, I take a perch.

Feeling extremely awkward for the time that Victoria comes down.

What the fuck am I going to say to her?

"I'm actually here to see Victoria, She doesn't know I'm here and I'm sure she will be surprised"

Surprised isn't the fucking word...

"Ahh I see, she'll be down in a moment" Ben nodded as he spoke.


*Victoria's P.O.V*

My eyes stung as I opened them.

The many deep voices from downstairs disrupting my sleep.

I sighed. 

My voice was rattly from crying.

I pulled off the white gown Melissa had supplied me with and wrapped it around me before walking to the stairs.

I stopped on the 3rd step down.

"No" I breathed quietly to myself. 

My hands shook.

This voice was all to familair.

He couldn't be here?

As I walked further down the stairs, I came into view of Harry and my brother.

Harry's head snapped towards me.

The simple sight of him made my heart melt.

Black jeans hung low at his hips, the Calvin Klein boxers higher then his jeans, he wore a white tee, his short sleeves rolled up, his toned arms prominent through his shirt.

He stood up and faced me, adjusting the black beanie on his head.

He weakly twitched a smile.

And that was all I needed.

A sense of normality.

I forgot everything about Harry as I rushed towards him.

My petite arms engulfed his body around his neck.

He hesitated himself with shock, but reacted quickly, wrapping his own toned arms around me, squeezing me tightly.

I heard Melissa leave the island, as well as Ben.

"We'll give you two some time" Melissa sweetly said.

"Yes, we are going shopping, be back in 2 hours" Ben said.

I was thankful, I needed this.

Still engulfed in Harry's tight hug, I cried against his chest.

I felt a hand raise to my hair, slowly stroking it.

"Let it all out baby" His voice was slow and soothing.

I pushed all the dirty images of Harry and the girl to the back of my head.

Because I needed his love, I needed him to distract me.

I looked up at him.

"I must look awful" I sniffled, bringing one of my hands down to wipe my eyes.

He throatily chuckled. "After everything you have been through, you care about you what you look like" 

"I missed you" I whimpered.

He brought his lips to my forehead, pressing a lingering kiss against it.

"I missed you" He returned the love. "I never meant to hurt you Victoria, I love  you with all my heart, I know I'm a messed up pratt, but I love you more then anything I have ever loved, you need to know that"

I sighed from my stomach.

"I love you Harry"

I ran my fingers at the back of his neck, tugging at his curls.

"Please kiss me" I pulled his head to me, whimpering.

He chuckled.

"With pleasure"

He dipped his head down, connecting our thriving lips, mine trembled against his as they worked in utter synchronization. They opened together, Harry slipped his tongue into the parting of my lips, our muscles fought for dominance in our working mouths, his winning every time.

I tugged at the curls I wrapped around my finger. I felt Harry's hands slide down my body, under my thighs. "Jump" He mumbled against my swollen lips.

I did as I was told, tightly gripping around his neck as I pushed off the floor, Harry holding me securely as I wrapped my legs around his torso. I let Harry take us to where he thought of, which ended up being the large living room sofa.

Our kiss never disconnected as I was laid down on my back.

"I fucking love you" He growled as my hands trembled, fondling with his shirt.

With a few attempts I pulled it over his head, the beanie was off long ago.

With one pull, the rope of my dressing gown was off.

"Whoopsie" Harry teased, throwing it to the floor.

He bit his lip as his eyes trailed over my body, wearing only my bra and panties. 

"Fucking hell I've missed this" 

I rolled my eyes and slipped my arms out of the dressing gown, shoving it to the side.

Harry's hands left my neck as he tugged at his trousers, which were simple to evacuate.

He teasingly bit my bottom lip, letting a small sigh escape my swollen lips.

Harry pulled at my bra strap, easily unclasping it. Throwing it aside.

His large warm hand cupped my breast, rubbing hard at it.

"Ha-rry s-stop teas-ing" I rolled my head back.

He kissed at my jaw, leaving atrail of kisses along my colour bone. 

He finally reached the destination, flicking his tongue over my nipple, the cold of his piercing sending my hormones crazy.

I watched his over hand pull at his Calvin boxers, my eyes wide as his dick flung out.

"Look what you do to me" He groaned, referring to his boner.

I smiled against his lips as they met mine again. 

His finger hooked around the hem of my pants, tugging them slowly down my legs, I kicked them off as they reached my ankle.

"It's still not going to me amazing babe, okay? May hurt still" He warned.

I couldn't care, I wanted him, and I wanted him now.

"Fucking put it in!" I yelled.

He smirked widly, chuckling  as he pushed my legs apart, one of the top of the sofa the other dangling from the edge.

I felt his hips brush on my legs as he positioned himself in front of me, I was throbbing for him.

His two cold fingers pressed against me, rubbing circles on the most pleasurable of places.

"P-please" I pleaded him.

He twitched a smile before I felt him begin to enter me.

The sharp pain evaporated through my legs, much painless then before.

He held the tops of my legs, before pushing his hips forward.

I needed this, I needed his love to distract me from the grief.

I groaned at the slight discomfort as his was deep inside of me. 

My back arched as he began to pull out then thrust inside of me.

The pain eased, the sense of discomfort was still there, but this time, it felt better.

Extremely better.

I reaxhed my hands around his neck, pulling him down, bent over me.

I kissed hard at his lips.

"Faster, p-please" I moaned.

He did as said, and thrusted his hips harsher into me,my legs shook viciously. 

I clawed at his back, digging my nails into him, creating small crescents.

"Say my name Victoria" Harry panted between each thrust 

"Say it" He hotly breathed on my skin. 

"Har-ry" I moaned, arching my back.

"How does it feel..?" He urged me.

His hips now whacking at me hard.

"S-so good" I moaned aloud, my head rolling back, my eyes going delirious.

I felt his hips shake, he quickly pulled out before releasing over my stomach.

I collapsed on the sofa.

"Why did you do that?" I breathed.

"I had no condom" He smirked

I giggled, sitting up, his release coated me.

"You need to take me to the bathroom, I don;t want you come , dripping around the house" 

He laughed, picking up all our clothes and still managing to cradle me in his strong arms.

He rushed up the stairs.

"Left" I instructed.

He took the left and entered the bathroom, locking the door behind him he placed me down. He threw the clothes to the floor.

I stepped into the large shower area.

Harry still stood naked.

I gave him permission to enter the shower with a flick of my slick with sweat hair.

The grin on his face was priceless.

Here goes for round two.

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