Darkness (16+)

I can't handle the pain he puts me through, the weight of pain he forces on my heart.
But every time I take a step into his Darkness, I feel myself fall under.
I know he's bad for me, but I need him.
No matter how many times we tell each other to stay away, we both come crawling back.
I love Him.
I love the guy I hate.


10. Chapter 10-

*Victoria's p.o.v*

I never knew football was this interesting.

I'm seriously getting into this.

"Go on, go on, goon" My voice followed the ball as Liam had it at his feet.

I raised my hands in the air along with Sophias and Eleanors as Liam scored.

"Im so glad we came to this game" I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"Grace Caplin" Sophia wide eyed me.

I knew it was her, Grace was the bully, slut...whore..when we were at school, frankly i'm surprised she's still round here.

I rolled my eyes, listening to the conversation going on the row behind us.

"I know we are supporting the away team...but by lord these guys are hot" Her friend spoke, in a snooty accent.

"I know, the boys haven't changed at all, its a shame what me and Harry had is over" Grace spoke up, my heart froze, what went on in high school?

"But by lord I would take him now, hes so hot" She carried on, completely oblivious what girls were in the row in front of them.

 "There coming over" Her friend squealed, my right ear bursting.

"You guys are doing so well!" Eleanor held Louis' head in her hand, pecking him lightly.

"Your thrashing them babe" Sophia chuckled, as Liam bent down to pick her up.

I felt someone tap my shoulder, "Oh hey" I half smiled to Harry, his face flustered and hot, but he still managed to look flawless.

He reached behind him, scratching his back. "Enjoying the game?" He spun on the spot, looking around the pitch, I nodded, humming along, "Yeah, surprisingly yes!" I perked up a smirk.

"You okay love?" Harry leaned closer to me,I gulped.

"Yup" I popped the 'p'.

Harrys eyes glanced behind me. "Oh shit" He grunted, I saw a whip of blonde hair in his eye reflection.

"Don't get me started" I rolled my eyes, knowing he has spotted Grace.

He looked back at me. "Has she said anything..." He raised his right eyebrow. I shook my head, "Ahh, she's coming over here" His tone was awkward.

"Harry!" I heard the annoying squeal of Grace Caplin.

"Hello Grace" I scoffed, holding in the giggle at Harrys sarcastic tone.

"You remember Victoria?" Harry looked at me, the side of his mouth cornering a smile, then back at Grace.

Her eyes darted to me, instantly she looked me up and down, her face frowned into a scowl.

"Ahh...Gory Tori" She tilted her head, I felt instantly nauseous at the nick name I was bullied with.

My face paled out, Harry recognised my discomfort, so he slipped an arm around my waist.

Graces eyes diverted from our touch then to both me and Harry.

"Why bring it up Grace?" Harry groaned through his teeth, his grip on me tightened, he was angry.

"Oh Sowwy Harry, I didn't mean too" She pouted, making a disgusted shiver run through my spine.

"You just do it to piss her off I swear, you have always been a spiteful cow,and to be honest you still are" He groaned, staring her down, her eyes were wide,her lips parted.

She was shocked, and to be honest, so was I.

"Go away now Grace, you and I both know the real reason I slept with you in high school" Harry said quietly.

Grace spun on her heels, whipping her hair round. "You alright love?" Harry looked over to me, I gulped and nodded.

"You slept with her?" I asked, he replied with a slow nod, "And the real reason why..?" I asked again, "No comment" He suspended the question.

 We turned to face the others, they all stood in a half circle shape, all staring at us.

"What?" Harry asked.

We both looked down at the touch we still had, dropping contact from each other immediately.

I blushed ferociously, looking down at the ground. "I erm...fancy something to eat" Niall broke the silence stare, thank God for Niall.

"You're always fancying food Ni" Zayn chuckled, shaking his head.

We all burst into laughter, making our way to the car park, where the boys cars where.

"How'a'bout, Nando's?" Niall pleaded, his eyes had a tint of shine in them, his excitement level obviously way to high for a 20 year old.


"So are you to together?" Louis asked me and Harry, as we sat around a table at Nando's.

I shook my head and Harry gagged. "Nah, I hate her" He scoffed, I chuckled.

We are just a pair of young adults hating each other, but secretly kissing and touching...Okay when I put it that way, it's not right, but it felt so good.

"Too right" I smiled.

"Whatever, let me know when you are ready to release the feelings you are both hiding form each other" Eleanor rolled her brown eyes,I grunted quietly, not really wanting to hear this.

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