Darkness (16+)

I can't handle the pain he puts me through, the weight of pain he forces on my heart.
But every time I take a step into his Darkness, I feel myself fall under.
I know he's bad for me, but I need him.
No matter how many times we tell each other to stay away, we both come crawling back.
I love Him.
I love the guy I hate.


1. Chapter 1-

Hey Guys:*

Long time no write;)

Make sure you have read 'It Was All A Dare' It was my first fanfiction!

I decided to delete 'Broken' Because I didn't enjoy writing it..

However this one....I like! 

Let me know what you think? x




*Victoria's P.O.V*


I kept my head down, avoiding eye contact from anyone that came close.

My hands were deep in the pockets of my jumper, holding my phone tightly in my hand.

I walked down the next alley, the walls as wide as my shoulders. I shuffled down the echoing alley that made the sound of my feet more taunting then they already were.

I raked a shaky hand through my hair, putting it back into the pocket straight after.

I pulled my body to a stop. I tucked my hair behind my ears, cupping them slightly to hear the muffled noises.

The shrieks of fighting cats made me quicken my pace leaving me with a gasping chest, that rose and fell quickly. As I paced down the alley I saw 5 figures at the end of it, the air above them was intoxicated with smoke.

I shrugged further into my jumper and locked my eyes on the pavement. It was either wait for the druggies to leave the premises of the alley that leads to my apartment, or walk past them. I decided to be brave and continue to walk down the dark alley.

"Whos that?" The silhouettes all looked up to me. My pulse raced.

Keep your head down Victoria....

"Yo" One of the silhouettes spoke up, I was meters away from them, I continued to walk.

"Don't ignore us" One stepped forward, jerking my hood back from my head, I yelped at the sudden force.

"Its a chick lads" A mysterious voice said. I ignored the physical abuse and walked straight out of the alley. Into the light of the street. "Hey, wait up" They called from a few metres behind me. I raked a shaky hand through my naturally brown hair.

The male figures surrounded me, "Hey, I recognise you?" A different voice spoke up, it was a husky tone, with an attractive crisp to it. It was so familiar...

He was now in front of me, standing tall with a head of dark messy curls, pushed away from his forehead, the street lights tinting in his emerald green eyes. Thats when I recognised him....

Harry Styles, From History Class



"Your late Harry, take a seat at the back next to Victoria please" This was the first lesson of the new summer term, and my history teacher is putting the school *bad boy* next to me....Thanks Sir, thank you very much.

"Hi babe" His breath tickled my ear as he leaned over to me.
"Don't distract me, I'm a hard worker" I shrugged his greeting off.

"Wow, I was just trying to polite, bitch perlease" He held his hands out in defence
"Sorry" I grumbled, "Hi" 
"Do you wanna have sex with me?" He chuckled randomly a playful smirk clear on his lips.
I scoffed loudly, getting glared at by other students. "What?" I gagged.
"Have sex with me....er....." He raised his eye brows at me.
"Tori" I reminded him.
"I promise you, you will enjoy it?" He smirked, I felt a unfamiliar hand rest on my leg.



"Tori, from History class" I looked at the paved flooring beneath me.
"Wait?" An Irish voice quirked. Harry nodded, I watched his eyes graze up and down my body.     "She used to beg me for sex" He chuckled.
I gasped. "That was you,dick" I flicked my hair to the left. "And to this day, you still haven't had it, and I wonder why your taking drugs on the street" I raised my eye brow lines at him, he sucked in a breath, clenching his fist.

One of his mates slammed a hand on his chest as he took a step towards me. "Harry, shes a chick, not some lad you can abuse" I recognised that voice.
"Louis?" I parted my lips for air. 

Louis from art class, I looked at the brunette.
I looked at the olive skinned boy to Louis' right.
Zayn from Maths.
Niall from English.
Liam from Physics.
They are all here...all 5 of them.

"Jesus, Tori?" Louis brown orbs widened. "It can't be you?" He stepped forward.
"No flamin way?" I knew I recognised that Irish voice.
"Hi boys" My cheeks fluffed pink.
I watched Harry roll his eyes as all 4 boys embraced me with a hug.

"I can't believe its you. where did you go, You left in what...senior year?" 
"Yeah Liam, I did" I nodded, holding my throat together from the emotional moment of seeing my school friends.
"Where did you go?" Zayn asked me, "and when did you get so...hot?" Zayn's eyes traveled up my body.
"Watch it" Harry hissed through his clenched teeth.
"Jealous Harry?" I raised my eyebrows to him, he looked away.
God I hate him.


If your wondering, as you may be quite lost, I grew up in  a school where these boy attended too. I was accepted into the group of girls that were close to these boys, which made me even closer. Of course Harry being a member of this group was a bit of a bummer, sitting next ot him in History was enough for me. But we managed to get along NOT for the 5 years we were friends, until I left in senior year to apply a school that I could achieve more from. Im 18 now. I havent seen these boys in 4 years.


"I can't believe it's you, the girls are going to be so excited to see you!" Louis perked up.
"Ooo wippie my arse" Harry grunted, hiding behind Niall and Zayn.
"Have you got anything positive to say?" I angled my body to look at him, his attractiveness levels making it hard to keep my tone. "Fuck off" He rolled his eyes to look away.
"Just ignore him, he's excited to see you really" Liam whispered.
"Excitement is understatement" Harry flashed a wink at me.
"Your grose...still" I emphasized the 'still'
"Your a bitch...still" He chuckled.
"You two never stop.....you're like a married couple" Niall dropped his cigarette butt onto the floor, stomping on it. "Eurg...don't give me images" I shivered.

"So, where are you off to?"Zayn asked. I pointed down another alley,
"Through there, then up the next road, my apartments on the fourth floor" I said.Only just noticing that all of the 5 boys were inked with tattoo's and piercings, making their appearances even more extremely attractive. "You walk this route every night?" Liam gave me a concerned look. I nodded.
"Yeah, I work at  the nursery down the road, I don't get back till late" I shrugged.
"Do you know how dangerous it is round here Victoria?" Harry shot me a glare, Niall instantly giggling. "Don't tell me you care?" Niall hastily breathed. Harry glared at him.

"Yes Harry I do" I decided to answer the question that was most likely meant to be rhetorical. I ran a hand through my waves. "I better be off lads" I pulled out my phone, Liam snatched it from my hand and unlocked it instantly. "How did you know?" I asked, referring to my password.
"Because it's the same password you have for everything, you had the same one throughout school, 1111" He smirked. I watched the brightness light up on his still innocent face, I will ignore the tattoos.

"Now,you have our numbers" He passed my phone back smiling, placing his phone back into his pocket.
"The least we can do is walk you home" Niall asked, Harry instantly back handing him on the head, groaning loudly. "Sorry Harry, are we keeping you? Is there a girl laying naked on your bed, because if there is, do me a favour and go back to her" I spat harshly, Harrys playful smirk formed on his smug face. He annoys the crap out of me, always have, always will. "Thanks boys, but you really don't have to" I shook my head, causing my brown locks to fall around my face.
"Show us the way" Louis smiled. I nodded and led the way to my apartment.

"Don't worry too much about Harry, he's always like this" Niall informed me as the two of us took the lead. "Pfft...he hasn't changed one bit" I scoffed. I stopped outside the tall building that contained my apartment. "This is it" I flapped my arms. Harry sighed loudly in relief
"Finally"He groaned, I rolled my eyes and chuckled at the drama queen.
"You at work tomorrow?" Zayn asked, I shook my head, "Good, fancy coming to the beach with us, Eleanor, Sophia are there?" He asked.
"Im not coming then" Harry grunted.
"You most likely weren't going to go anyway" I chuckled to him  him.He mimicked me childishly.
"I'd love too, gives me a chance to wear my new bikini swim wear" I smirked, knowing this will tickle Harry's spot. "A bikini you say?" Harrys head snapped in my direction.
"Yes Harry a bikini" I spoke to him like a child.A smile appeared on his face.
"I would love to come" I looked back at Zayn.
"We will pick you up at 10" Louis said, scratching his chin. I nodded.
"See you tomorrow lads" I gave them my cheesy smile before walking into the apartment block.


*Harry's P.O.V*

"You're still a dick to her?" Niall snapped me out of the sweet images of Tori in a bikini.
"Dude, we don't get along, shes annoying as fuck" I grunted, Liam handed me fag that I lit, instantly bringing it to my mouth and taking a long drag on it. 

I couldn't believe that we saw Victoria Simmons again, its been like...4/5 years....and wow shes hot, well, she was in high school, but now, corr....I would, even if she refuses not too.
"Well you're going to have to try Harry, its pretty old now!" Liam said sternly. I let out a bothered sigh. "I don't care about trying, and I certainly don't care, about her"






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