I was Scared when I Dared

I was walking home when it started raining hard, so I took undercover in a nearby Graveyard called 'BridgeWood Cemetry' but then I noticed somebody was already there.....


1. I was Scared when I Dared

One night I was walking home when I got the shivers and it started raining very hard then there was thunder and lightning. I could feel the wind blowing through my soul, as I was breathing in the chilly night air. The dogs kept howling in the distance as if someone or something was chasing them. The menacing full moon lit up the dark streets (which were full of shadows anyway). Shivering like a leaf, I edged in and out of streets with a taste of danger in my mouth. As I was getting closer to my destination, I noticed that the streets were getting darker by the minute and the wind was blowing harder. As I was walking I decided that I will take cover and then I saw 'BridgeWood Cemetry' (an abandoned graveyard) which had the most derelict church ever. I thought I'm going to take cover there, but then I sensed that there was a contagious fog lurking about in the graveyard. I walked towards the gate and as I was about to open it, it creaked open by itself (strange). The thunder and lightning was now so loud that I was deafend by it. To get some shelter, I walked under the church roof, and by a strike of lightning, I saw that there was someone standing there. I greeted politley, but could not see the persons face as he was wearing a big black cloak over his head. we started having a conversation and then finally I asked him if he was scared standing here on his own in the midst of night. "I was scared when I wsa still alive."

Then I said: "I would be scared if I dared." 

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