Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


4. They're Here

"One Direction is going to be here in 10 Minutes, You all may talk until then but stay in this general area until the boys get here. GOOD LUCK, and may the odds be ever in your favor." I was shaking with excitement when my joy was ruined with the hissing horrid sound of Courtney's voice.
"Listen here Kennedy, You dorks look way to dressy. If you ruin my chances of getting adopted by the biggest boy band on the planet, and rising to fame myself I will make The rest of your time here A LIVING FUCKING HELL!!! And i- I Maria cut her off.
"Look here, Bitch, Don't talk to us that way. If you just want to get adopted to use them then your Prissy little Whore ass don't deserve to be adopted AT ALL. Courtney walked away, her face red from embarrassment. We laughed and talked with a few other kids while we waited for the boys to get there. about 5 minutes later we all heard a knock at the door and quieted down immediately and stood side by side in a line. Next thing we knew, One Direction were surrounding us and asking us a few questions each. Maria and i squeezed each others hands and hoped for the best. Zayn approached Maria and I and started asking questions in his thick British accent.
"Are you two sisters?" we both answered at the same exact time for all of the questions.
"Are you related?"
"Best friends?"
"For how long?"
"Since we met"
"What would happen if one of you gets adopted randomly and not the other?"
"We would Probably die"
"What are your names?" 
"I'm Maria"
"And I'm Kennedy!!!"
"Mhm.....Well you are beautiful gals it was  nice talking to you."
"Thanks, and you too!!!" He walked away and i nervously looked around and saw Courtney acting a bit slutty while she was talking to Harry and then he just walked away, her face turned bright red once again. We watched as the guys went back to a circle and discussed it and then walked into Azzi's office. I went backed to my room and took my dress off it was getting irritating and changed into a pair of jeans, a plain white t-shirt and my converse sneakers.

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