Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


3. They are coming early

As soon as breakfast was finished Maria, Alyssa, and I went for a walk down and old beat-up trail that went through the woods, so you could basically say we were going on a hike. I had my Camera with me, No way was I going miss out on a chance to capture some wildlife, or take some cool pics. After a little while of exploring we had ventured off the trail and were studying some awkward looking caterpillar when we heard a slight rustle of leaves behing us and we turned to see......a Beautiful Moose. His fur was a creamy chocolate brown, and he towered so tall and muscular over  us and his eyes were a gorgeouse chestnut color ecased by his glazy glassed eyes. I raises my camera and took the best snapshot. After about a picture or two Alyssa tripped scary the moose and all its lovely glory away. 
"I-i'm sorry Kennedy. I didn't mean to scare your moose away!" She began to cry.
"Its fine Alyssa ive gotten enough pictures for today why dont we head back and get some hot chocolate? its starting to get cold." She smiled and wiped her eyes, magically everything was better. 
"Im down with that!" Maria gushed and then led us back to the path. As soon as we got back to the orphanage we were greeted by a more than stressed Azzi (Asmerelda).
"Girls where have you been!? You have worried me sick and ive gotten the latest news, and im in rush so everything and everyone is per- I cut her off
"Azzi Whats going on? We always go to the woods, and theres no problem!"
"Oh Dear, Kennedy you and Maria go get dressed, One direction is on their way."
"WHAT!? THEY WEREN"T SUPPOSED TO BE COMMING UNTIL TOMMARROW!" Maria bursted with mixed emotions of joy worry and horror. I quickly grabbed her hand and ran up to our room. 
"HURRY HURRY HIURRY" i yelled slipping on the best dress i had, An aquamarine knee length dress with black flats and i put my har up into a pretty bow bun with a shimmery blue head band. "OK IM READY!" 
"Me Too" Maria said as she came out of her closet fully clothed in the same thing as me But Pink and her hair was in a ponytail. 
"You Look amazing!"
"So do you!" We Jumped around and then rushed downstairs where the line up had already started and Azzi was finishing up how we were to act and such and good lucks.

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