Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


11. One Month Later.......

It's been about a month since I was in the hospital. Things are going great,  schools out for winter break, I got a cool nose piercing, oh, and Daddy is letting me and Liam be together. Yay! I was sitting on the couch with Liam, we were home alone because Louis went out with my kinda mom, Lauren. And Niall took Maria shopping since I already went. 

"I Love this movie!!!!" I practically shouted in the middle of watching The Original Nightmare on Elm Street. 

"It's a bit scary"

"Don't worry babe I'll protect you!" I climbed into his lap, and he pulled me close and started to kiss me. Out of instinct I kissed him back.

±±±±±Liam's P.O.V.±±±±±±±±

I ran my tongue across her lips and she gave me access. As our tongues were dancing together I flipped us over so I was on top, we were laying on the couch. I was slowly caressing her inner thigh when out of nowhere she ran to the kitchen laughing, I chased her and then when I caught her, I picked her up and set her on the counter and began to kiss her again. Pretty soon we were in hr bed and we were both naked, making out.  I Pulled away and positioned myself at her entrance and looked up at 


"Move" was all she said. I slowly pushed in, making her moan. I then slowly started to thrust. "Fuck Li, faster." I did as she said and began to thrust faster and faster, until I was thrusting as fast and deep as I could. She was practically  moaning and screaming my name as loud as she could. I moaned as she dug her nails deep into my back. I slow down a little bit and titled my head down tower ear.

"I'm almost there."

"Just keep going." I kissed her, thrusting deeper and header into her.I couldn't hold it any longer, I released myself into her and rode out my climax.  I flopped my lifeless body down next to her, we were both breathing heavily. She wrapped her arms around my torso and lays her head on my chest. "That was my first time" 

[Sorry it's a bit pornographic, but I know some people who might like it that way.....*cough**cough* Lauren *cough**cough*]

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