Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


13. OF COURSE!!!!

I'm about 5 months pregnant and I have a big belly. I'm really happy, except being pregnant takes a lot more work than I thought. Right now I lay comfortably wrapped in Liam's arms, watching the end of the Grinch. I slowly sat up as the credits started to scroll along the screen. Liam wrapped his arms around me and slowly pulled me back down to him. 

"Today is Christmas eve, it's only 3:00, and I want to take you somewhere, go get dressed warmly." I did as he told me and gave me a kiss then ran upstairs and changed. When I walked back downstairs Liam was ready and we left. We drove around London for a while. Everything looked amazing covered in a white sheet of now. Then we stopped and got out we were standing right in front of Big Ben. It looked so amazing and beautiful covered in white sparkling snow. The frozen ice sickles hanging down from every ledge, they made it look like 1,000 little sparkling swords preserving the majestic beauty Big Ben was during Christmas time. 

"Liam this is soo beautiful" I turned around to see Liam on one knee in the snow. He grabbed my hand and I instantly started to tear up.

"Kennedy Tomlinson, I love you. Every time I see you I think, now that's what I want to wake up next to everyday of my life. Your beautiful, and amazing. You are everything I've ever wanted. You and our child, are my life, I wouldn't be able to live without you. I love you so much it hurts, Will you Marry me?"  I started to nod like crazy trying to register what had just happened through my mind.

"Yes Yes of course!!!!!" He slipped the amazing ring on my finger. He stood up and I fell into his arms. He kissed me and I groaned as the baby kicked. Liam starts to rub my tummy as we kissed trying to sooth the baby. I pulled away and smiled. "We have to tell Louis"

"Let's go."


(Sorry for the short chapter)

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