Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


6. Moving in

The Boys are coming to get in 10 minutes. Maria and I Walked downstairs and were greeted by all our friends. I Instantly started to cry, these guys were  my family, and i didn't want to leave them. The first one to give me a hug was Toni. She wouldn't let go. For the first time she spoke in front of everyone, it was a miracle. She said,
" Kennedy, You are my best friend and I hate to see you go, you have really helped me and I thank you for that. " She finally let go with tears rolling down her cheeks. A few seconds later i heard a loud cry followed by a bunch of sobs and new instantly that it was Alyssa. I picked her up and Maria and i both hugged her hard.  she Said she hated for us to go, we were like big sisters to her and she wished she could go too. I patted her back and then put her back down. Then came Zak. He playfully punched each of us on the arm and said he was going to miss us. 
" I wish you would get adopted soon Z." Maria sighed.
"Hey, No big problem, i'm 17, i'll be out of here and on my own next year."
"yeah, i guess your right." We moved on and gave everyone else hugs and such and we grabbed our bags and waited for them to come for us. A few minutes later we heard a knock at the door and in walked Louis and  Niall, they came up to us smiling and gave us each a hug. 
"hello girls im Niall Horan and this is my mate, Louis. We are your new dads, brothers thingy typed dealios." The blonde one said.
"Come with us and come home, you will be living with me and Niall in our shared house, the rest if the boys are there waiting for us, we are your dads, and the other boys...... well they are, whatever, rule 1, no dating Harry, or Liam ok?" Louis, told us rather strictly.
"ok" we both said in the same time, but i knew we both had our fingers crossed.
"Lets go girls" After about a few hours of driving we arrived at a mansion. our doors were opened and Niall, and Lou helped us with our bags. as soon as we walked through the front door we heard a chorus of welcomes and loud noises. I smiled, not really liking all the noise but i pretended to enjoy it. I looked over At Maria and she looks as if she was having the time of her life. The boys hugged both of us, Liam hugged me last, and we looked into each others eyes, i felt an instant connection, for a moment it was only me and him. Then Louis' voice broke it.
"These are for you girls, we have programmed the boys, as well as Perrie, Eleanor, Paul, and Simon's numbers in them." Louis handed each of us a iPhone 5c, mine was purple(my favorite color) and Maria's was blue (Her favorite color). They showed us to our rooms and i started to unpack, the boys, except Lou and Ni, had left. I got a text from Liam.
'Hey! Done unpacking yet? ~Li
'Yeah, just a few more shirts i need to hang up first ~K
'Cool, wanna hang out? ~Li
'Um, Sure. Meet me at the fountain in the mall? ~K
'Sure thing. :) ~Li, I smiled and finished hanging up and putting away my clothes. I changed into a bright pink flowy top and blue skinny jeans with a pair of sparkly silver flats and went to find Lou. I found, him, Niall, and Maria sitting on the couch watching a movie.
"Hey, uhh guys, i'm going to the mall, ill be back in a few hours." Lou looked at me.
"Kennedy, that's fine just don't get in trouble, here's some money " Lou handed me 1,000 Dollars and i walked to the mall.

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