Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


5. It's Us!

"omg omg omg I Can't believe it We Are getting adopted by the BIGGEST Boy band on the planet!!!!!" i practically screamed.

"IKR WE SO HAVE TO RUB THIS IN COURTNEY'S FACE!!!!" Maria screamed back. As we were packing our things, Toni Showed up at the door. She just walked over and gave me a hug."Toni? Are you ok?" The girl stayed silent for a while and then she finally broke the hug and looked up at me speaking barely above a whisper.
"I- I know what happened, and I-I don't want y-you to go. But I'm happy you got adopted, i'm sure you're going to be happy with them." she walked out of the room wiping her eyes and then i started to tear up as well.
"She talks?" Maria asked. That's the only time Toni EVER spoke in front of someone besides me.
"Yeah, she actually talks quite a lot when she's alone with me."
"That's amazing"
"Yeah Ik. Now aren't we supposed to go find Courtney and do some serious Bragging?"
"HELL YEAH LETS GO!" We looked all around the orphanage. We Finally found Courtney Sobbing in her room. I know she's a major Bitch but i kinda felt bad for her.
"Courtney? What's wrong?" She looked at us her makeup was washed down her face and there were tissues everywhere.
"BEAT IT DWEEBS! i want to be alone."
"Courtney your a major like mega huge super bitch, but i think if you talk about whatever is happening, it will help."
"What would you care you hate me anyway?"
"A lot of people hate you but still, i want to help."
"Fine But Promise not to tell Anyone?"
"I Promise"
"That Goes for you to Taco!" She shot her glaze at Maria
"I Promise! jeeze. No need to be racist."
"Ok So Like I said i really really really wanted to get adopted by One Direction, For one main reason. Harry. When he started asking me questions he said I wasn't right. And I asked him if we could at least go on a date and he said no, Judging by my answers I was a slut and that i was way to bossy and mean!" On that last part she hysterically broke down and cried on my shoulder.
"If it helps any, Maria and I got adopted by them and, i could like mention you and get Harry to at least think good things about you, then maybe it could happen." I slowly rubbed her back trying to make her feel a bit better.
"Really?! You Would do that for me? After everything I've done to you?" I Looked at Maria and she shrugged her shoulders and then i looked back at Courtney.
"Sure, But you have to promise not to be mean to us or any of the other people here, EVER again, and If I hear anything bad about you, so help me i will make him Hate you so fast you wouldn't even know what happened!"
"Fine, Thank you thank you thank you thank you.......Uhhhh...... KENNEDY? YEAH KENNEDY. I Love you and i promise i won't make your guys life miserable anymore."
"Thank you"

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