Kennedy Wilson is an orphan. What happens one day when she gets adopted by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Things just start to spiral out of control in this Story about sadness, romance, heart break, and drama, with a little bit of other things to spice it up.


7. It's Not my Fault

As soon as i Arrived i could see the fountain, but it was so crowded in there that i couldn't see past anybody, so i started to push my way through the crowd. Finally, after being bumped and pushed so much i made to the fountain and i saw Liam, sitting on a bench. I went and sat by him.

"Hey there Liam"

"Hi Kennedy!"

"So, what are we going to do?"

"I was thinking we could go grab a quick coffee, and maybe, do some clothes shopping for you?"

"Sure!" We got up and walked to Starbucks and sat down at a small table. I watched as Liam went to get our coffee and i just sat there looking around, until he came back.

"I got you a, caramel frappe, i hope that's fine."

"Yeah, it perfect! That's actually my favorite!"

"good!" He sat down and handed me my frappe and we started to talk. We told each other about our lives, i went last and I could see Liam started to get a bit upset about my parents. "That's so sad"

"There's no need to feel sorry for me really it's not a big deal i mean i- before i could finish i felt his lips crash into mine. I sat there shocked, i totally didn't see this coming. My mind finally let my body except it and i closed my eyes taking in the full effect. Before I knew it was over, and he was pulling away. I wanted more. I Needed more. 

"Sorry, that wasn't very charming of me."

"It's fine Liam, I liked it"

"I have a question."

"Yes?" all that was running through my mind was, Yes yes yes yes yes!

"Would you like to go out with me? I mean I know Louis wouldn't like it, but i can't help it, your just so beautiful, and mesmerizing, and I don't know, something makes me want to be with you 24/7 and I want o hold you in my arms and never let you go."

"Yes, Liam,I will" I started to blush as the full effect of what he just said started to register through my mind and body. I smiled as he kissed me again then pulled away.

" Shall we go shopping now?"

"yes" He stood up and took my hand in his, intertwining our fingers. First we went into Claire's and I picked some really cute clothes and jewelry. then we went to a bunch of different stores and by the time we left Victoria's Secret I had at least 20 bags. Liam gave me a ride home and walked me up to the porch. 

"Thanks Li, this was really fun"

"See you tomorrow K" He kissed me and I kissed back trying to save them moment, our. lips perfectly in sync. I never wanted it to end. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and pull me closer, I wanted to stay this way, encased in his arms forever, never letting me go. My sensation was cut short by a throat being cleared from behind us. I instantly jumped away from Liam, feeling sad that it ended, and looked behind me. There stood a rather angry looking Louis.

"Kennedy, inside now." I looked at Liam.

"Bye Li" I kissed his cheek and went nervously inside and into my room. I plopped on my bed and thought about tonight. I don't know what I'm feeling, but when I'm around Liam he makes me feel good and happy and safe. I think I'm in love. 

~~~~~~~~LOUIS P.O.V.~~~~~~~~~~~

I heard some people talking outside and went to go check it out. I stepped outside to see Kennedy and Liam making out. And after I specifically said, no dating Liam or Harry. She deliberately disobeyed me and it made me pretty mad. I cleared my throat and that seemed to do the trick. After Kennedy went inside I looked at Liam.

"And what do you think you're doing?"

"Look, Lou, I know you're probably really mad at me right now, but I couldn't help it."

"Whatever, Liam. You promised me you wouldn't do this!"

"I know mate. I'm sorry, but she's just so amazing, and beautiful, I just-"

"You just nothing, Liam. You better, stay away from Kennedy, you're my best friend and all but I'm not going to let you date my daughter."

"But, Lou, please. I Love her. please?"

"No, Liam, I'm not going to say it again. I think you should leave." I didn't even wait until he left, I didn't want to see him. How dare he go behind my back like that? Same with Kennedy. I went up to her room and blasted through her door. 

"DAD!" she said in a rather annoyed tone.

"Dad? Oh, yay, she called m- Wait a minute! You are in trouble Missy!"

" What! Why?"

"You didn't listen to me! I told you no catering the boys, and you went ahead and did it anyway!"

"Don't yell at me." That's it. She Wang's to see yelling. I'll show her Yelling.




"QUIT FUCKING YELLING AT ME! I LOVE LIAM AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK! IM NOT GOING TO STOP AND I'M SURE AS HELL NOT HIDING MY FEELINGS, SO YOU KNOW WHAT DAD? SUCK IT!" She managed to push me out of her room and lock the door. I stood there for a minute then walked into the kitchen where Ball was sitting, with Maria, they heard the whole thing and pronounced thought I was the bad guy, so I Didn't even bother, I walked up to my room and played on my bed, thinking.

"What did I just do?"

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