Heart Attack<3

[Sequel to Catch My Breath<3 READ Something Great<3 first!] Zoey has fallen down to the lowest parts of the darkness. She's been pushing everyone away. She wants nothing to do with the guys when they return. Any of them. She's been suffering and it seems only pain itself relieves her. Can the boys bring back the lights in her eyes? Or will their return make everything worse? Is there anything left to be saved in Zoey or has she really given up everything?


12. Trouble in Paradise.

Zoey's POV:

I laid on the couch staring at the ceiling. I had a feeling that Zayn meant to say that in front of Harry because he knew he'd get some kind of reaction out of him. Maybe he was just toying me and maybe he didn't really mean it when he said those words. I felt something plopped down on my stomach. I looked up to see Angie.

"What you think about?" She asked.

"Zayn." I frowned.

"Oh? Were those two actually dating?" 

"No she was his sisters friend who has a crush on him."

"Then what about him?" 

"He told me he loved me." 

Her eyes widened and she engulfed me in a tight hug. I had to push her away to breath. She started giggling. 

"That's so cute! How do you feel?!" She asked.

"I don't really know. He said it right in front of Harry, then Harry pulled me away and on the way home kissed me." I frowned. 

"Oh my..." 

"Yeah so I'm not sure if he means it or if he was just trying to get a reaction out of him." I sighed. 

"I'm sure he meant it darling. That boy looks at you like a husband does a wife." 

I blushed which made her go crazy with 'awws'. I heard someone knocking on my door so I got up and answered it. It was some male dude. 

"May I help you?" I asked. 

"Zoey Lovette?" He said.


"Here you go." He handed me a piece of paper then took his leave. I looked down at the paper and felt my heart shatter. 

"What is it Zoe?" Angie asked coming up behind me. I handed her the piece of paper as tears rolled down my cheeks. 

The East Light House caught fire late last night. The top has collapsed and one male has been brought out. He is in intensive care. It's been reported that his name is Zayn Malik. He's spoken of a young lady by the name Zoey Lovette. Please give this to her if you are not her reading this. Thank you. 

She gasped and grabbed my hand pulling me out of the house. We walked towards the hospital in a hurry. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. I was so scared. We got to the hospital and she asked the nurse about Zayn. The nurse took us to a private waiting room where the boys were at. Mansi was with them, and the moment she saw me she engulfed me in a tight hug. 

"Is he okay?" Angie asked.

"Yeah he's alright for now." Harry said. 

"Zoe come with me." I turned my head to see Liam. He grabbed my hand and we walked the halls. "He keeps saying your name. I think you should see him." He pushed a door open and I walked inside. Zayn was sitting up staring at his pack of cigarettes. 

"Don't even think about it." I growled. He turned his head and cockily smiled at me. I sat in the chair next to his bed and stared at my lap. He motioned for my hand so I lifted it up and he wrapped his hand around mine.

"I meant what I said last night Zoe." His voice was weak. "I do love you." 

"Don't talk in such a depressing manner..." I mumbled.

"If something bad happens I want to know something..." His voice was really weak.

"W-what's that..." I  asked fighting back the tears. 

"Do you love me Zoey...."  

"If I answer this you can't leave.." I mumbled.


"Yes Zayn I love you." The tears rolled down my cheeks. 

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