Heart Attack<3

[Sequel to Catch My Breath<3 READ Something Great<3 first!] Zoey has fallen down to the lowest parts of the darkness. She's been pushing everyone away. She wants nothing to do with the guys when they return. Any of them. She's been suffering and it seems only pain itself relieves her. Can the boys bring back the lights in her eyes? Or will their return make everything worse? Is there anything left to be saved in Zoey or has she really given up everything?


2. Too Far.

Zoey's POV:

The annoying buzzing of my alarm was ringing in my ear causing me to open my eyes. The bright sun beamed onto my face causing me to groan. I got up and changed into some fresh clothes before heading out into the living room. Patience was sitting on the couch with Bitsy. Her real name is Florence but we've nicknamed her Bitsy. For various reasons. I grabbed a soda and started towards the door.

"Going to work Z?" Bitsy asked walking towards me.

"Yeah." I stated. 

"But the boys..." Patience mumbled.

I turned around at crossed my arms. "I couldn't care less if those creatures were coming home today. It's business like usual to me." I opened the door. "Oh and don't bring them here either." I walked to walk like I normally do. With music blaring in my ears I shut out the world. I worked in the library which was nice because there were five floors of amazement. 

"Hey Zoey." I turned around to see Mansi. 

"Hi." I smiled softly. 

"Aren't you going..." She began.

"No." I interrupted her.

She frowned and walked away without saying another word. I didn't want to see someone who didn't have the time to even see me when I was in the hospital before they left. I groaned and slammed the book into its spot. I felt someone grab my wrist and push me against the wall. They covered my mouth so I couldn't scream. I looked into dark hazel brown eyes. He traced my necklace and smiled at me. I pushed him off of me with anger boiling inside my veins.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"Go away Zayn." I hissed. 

He didn't say another word which I was really surprised by. I finished up and by the time I was it was dark out. I walked my normal patch until I came across some drunken guys. I tried to run away but one was faster than me. He tackled me to the ground. I closed my eyes and tried to fight him off but he was too strong. Then I felt his weight being lifted off of me. I opened my eyes to see Zayn punching the shit out of him. He let go of the guy after he was covered in blood. I ran over to Zayn to make sure he was alright. Instead of letting me look at him he pulled me into a tight hug. I groaned because I didn't want this feeling inside me to arise. I wanted it to stay locked away. I didn't want to get hurt again...

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