Heart Attack<3

[Sequel to Catch My Breath<3 READ Something Great<3 first!] Zoey has fallen down to the lowest parts of the darkness. She's been pushing everyone away. She wants nothing to do with the guys when they return. Any of them. She's been suffering and it seems only pain itself relieves her. Can the boys bring back the lights in her eyes? Or will their return make everything worse? Is there anything left to be saved in Zoey or has she really given up everything?


15. Blue Skies.

Zoey's POV:

"I don't want to kiss anyone except you."

Those words rolled off my tongue with so much ease. He stared at my for a few seconds stunned a bit at what I just said before a smug smirk formed across his lips. He kissed my forehead and pulled my body closer to his. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest. The smell of his cologne relaxed me. The sparks before that I felt against Harry's lips and Niall's lips were no more. I only wanted to kiss Zayn. I felt so guilty when Harry kissed me. It's such a horrible feeling because he is my best friend. 

"Zoe..." Zayn whispered against my ear.

"Y-yes?" I mumbled looking up at him. 

"I have something for you.." He started walking away. "But you have to come with me to get it." He winked at me as I caught up with him. He held out his hand and I locked my fingers with his. We walked to his house in silence. When we got inside his apartment he walked to his bedroom. I followed him like a little puppy. When I got inside his bedroom he shut the door trapping me between it and him. Our bodies were only inches away from each other. My heart was pounding so hard. He wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me into his body. He locked lips with me kissing me passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck making the kiss deeper. He lifted me in his arms before laying me on the bed. His hand traveled up my shirt as he kissed my neck. 

"Zoey..." He moaned as I started giving his neck love bites. He started stripping my clothes and his as he kissed me passionately. 

*An Hour Later*

I laid in Zayn's arms tracing my finger over his arm tattoos. He kissed my neck causing me to giggle. Our naked bodies next to each other felt nice. I turned around and stared at his eyes. 

"What?" He smirked. 

"Nothing.." I mumbled smiling and running my hand through his hair. 

"You're so beautiful Zoe.." He whispered beautiful kissing my forehead. "And I don't want to share you with anyone." 

"What are you saying Mr.Malik?" I giggled looking up at him.

"I want you to be mine." He kissed my neck. "Only mine." 

"Is that your way of asking me out?" I giggled. 

"I guess so." He smirked. "Will you do me the honor and be my girl?" 

"Of course Zayn." I said before kissing his lips. 

All of a sudden I heard my phone start ringing like crazy. Someone was calling me. I sat up and answered the phone. 

"Hello?" I said.

"Zoey where are you?! Why'd you run away from Harry after he kissed you!?" Patience pretty much yelled. I sighed and before I knew it Zayn took my phone. 

"Because she's my girl." He growled before hanging up on her. 

"You know I'm never gonna hear the end of that when I get home." I pouted. 

"You have Angie." He smiled before kissing me again. 

After awhile we got out of bed and got dressed. After we were dressed he drove me home. I held his hand in the car the whole way home. I was in a state of happiness that no one could break right now. When we reached my house we sat in the car for ages before I decided I should go in. I kissed his lips softly and smiled at him. 

"Zoe I love you." He said softly. 

"I love you too Zayn." I smiled at him before getting out of the car and heading inside. Then moment I closed the door I heard coughs. I turned my head to see the girls in the living room. I smiled at them and took a seat next to Angie. 

"Zoey that was rude to ditch us!" Patience scolded. 

"Sorry." I lied. 

"You need to make up with Harry too." 

"No thanks." I giggled. 

"What?!" Everyone looked at me shocked. 

"He shouldn't have kissed me." I shrugged. 

"He likes you! You two are mea-" Patience started. 

"I'm dating Zayn." I narrowed my eyes on her. 

"WHAT?!" All the girls except Patience went aww. Patience went to her room without another word. It didn't really bother me because I was so happy. 

"I win!" Misery said dancing around referring to the little bit her and Alexy had in New York. 

"Zoey that's a pretty ring did he give it to you?" Angie asked pointing at my finger. I looked down because I didn't even realize that I had a ring on. Such a sneaky boy. 

"I didn't even realize he put it on my finger..." I mumbled. 

"Awww!" Misery swooned. 

"Seems everyone is falling in love tonight." Alexy joked. Just then I realized Bitsy wasn't around. 

"Where's Bitsy?" I asked. 

"Out with Niall." Angie smirked.

Good for him! I'm glad he got the courage. 

"So did you guys do it?" Misery asked. I blushed and everyone started giggling. 

"Aww Zoe isn't a virgin anymore!" Angie giggled. I blushed harder. It's true I was a virgin and now I'm not. It was painful at first but after awhile it felt so good. I don't think I'll ever tell Zayn that though. He might get a big head from it. 

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