Prison Island

The young girl Isis is accused of something and is banned to Prison Island. Prison Island is the island where everyone goes when you did something terrible. It is known for its horrible jungles and forests with horrible creations living in them. But the worst thing are the people. The inhabitants kill everything and surviving is difficult. Will Isis survive? And is everything through what is said about that horrible island?


1. Prologue

'Miss, what is wrong?'

The young boy ran towards the old lady who suddenly grip the table to prevent falling. He was only fifteen but incredible handsome. 

'Nothing, boy,' she said still holding the table. 'Something good is going to happen. Something extremely good.'

'What? What is going to happen?'

He was almost jumping up and down of excitement. The last time that something good happened was a long time ago. He wasn't born on this island he got banned to it. He was only eight years old when he was brought with a ship to the island, not knowing what to expect and feeling scared. His family, his dad, mom, sister and brother were all left behing. He didn't know that he was never going to see them again. He woke up on a beach, alone. 

Thinking about that gave him a shiver. Something good, that was very rare since he lived on a small island next to Prison Island.

'Please, tell me! I really want to know!'

'Please, get a chair and I will tell you.'

The boy reached for a chair and let her sit down. The woman sighed from relieve. 

'Thanks, dear.'

'So what is going to happen?'

'There will come a person to the island, to Prison Island.'

'Well, that is nothing new,' he said.

'Let me finish, dear,' she said strictly. 'This person is special he or she can do it.'

'Can do what?'

'He or she can get us from the island.'

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