-I was dreaming, at least that's what I thought. Then it suddenly turned into a nightmare. We were flying from Canada moving to England for one reason only: 'Dad died.....'-

13 year old Heather Smith mostly known as Hetty had, had the greatest of all losses when her Dad died in a terrible car accident so they have to move from Canada to England as the house they lived in, in Yukon was owned by her Dad's boss. Hetty hates her Mum for moving, but then makes two friends who will stay 'Friends for Life'.


2. New Life, New Beginning

"W-w-where are we going to go?" I asked as I couldn't believe what she had just said. "We are going to Granny Mavis' house." she answered. "We're going to where?" I asked her quite stunned and hoping I misunderstood her. "You heard me very well young girl!" she answered me calmly. "NO, NO, NO!" I am not going to Granny Mavis's house, I HATE you, your wicked for taking my friends away from me now tell me why can't we have a house in Canada!?" I screamed at her. "Excuse me, you know how hard it is for me already PLEASE just stop I had enough!" Mum told me then continued: "I will ground you if you don't be careful, besides you know how much Nana loves you, I and your F-f-f-f-f......father." Then she burst out sobbing. "I don't care a thing about what she likes and doesn't like!" I answered back rudely. Then for the rest of the journey I was sulky and couldn't care less what Mum went on about (but she went on about quite a lot as she usually does). Now of we are to England. Hooray (not)!

          We arrived at 3:00pm as we set off (from our house) at 9:00am. When we arrived Granny Mavis had a private talk with Mum (I guess Mum told her about the terrible car accident) then Nana (as I called Granny Mavis) came to me and said: "Look at you, look at you, you 'ave grown a lot!" Then she came over and started squeezing my cheeks like what most old ladies do. How I hate that. "You wanna go to the stables to ride on the 'orses? Eh?" she said straight after. "Umm..... no I don't, I don't like horses remember?" I said "Oh actually I don't not like horses I HATE horses!" I said a little suprised she didn't know that. I looked up to see Mum staring at me with a 'Watch Out' stare. Then Mum spoke up instead of me: "Hetty would love to go to the Stables with you Mother and she would, also love to ride with you because you have a lot of horses that she can ride on haven't you?" Mum asked Granny Mavis. "Eh, eh, of course we 'ave 'orses 21 of 'em we do!" Nana said VERY cheerfully. "You would just love to ride wouldn't you Hetty dear?" Mum asked hoping I would give the right answer. "Umm....yeah sure....I mean why not lets go!" I said it sarcastically and very loudly on delibrate so Mum would know I don't mean it then I gave her a glare saying I'll give her revenge. Then I had a genius idea. "Ummm.....Mum I'm very sorry, but I just remembered that I have got a lot of unpacking to do so I can't go riding today on any of the horses, sorry Nana!" then I gave Mum a stare saying this my revenge. "Oh no you haven't," Mum said then continued "you can pack out in the dark when it is night time, but you can't ride in the dark now can you dear Hetty so off you go with Granny Mavis!?" she asked and stated at the same time. "Ok." I said knowing she has won this round. Then when Granny walked out of the room I looked into Mum's fierce blue eyes and whispherd: "Watch Out." I didn't say it too quiet so Mum can hear, but I didn't say it too loud so Nana won't hear. Knowing I had to go I got dressed into new horse riding kit that Nana had got me (I don't know why as I have never asked her for one so it's quite odd) and then said to Nana: "Lets go riding!" "I'm coming old girl." Nana replied. Off we were to the stables with Nana.

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