-I was dreaming, at least that's what I thought. Then it suddenly turned into a nightmare. We were flying from Canada moving to England for one reason only: 'Dad died.....'-

13 year old Heather Smith mostly known as Hetty had, had the greatest of all losses when her Dad died in a terrible car accident so they have to move from Canada to England as the house they lived in, in Yukon was owned by her Dad's boss. Hetty hates her Mum for moving, but then makes two friends who will stay 'Friends for Life'.


1. Gone

It was a cold December night and I think I was halucinating, but I suddenly heard a very loud 'BEEP'and I looked at my phone and there on the screen was Ashley's name printed in BIG BOLD letters. This is what I read: "Why are you leaving without saying goodbye?" I didn't have a clue what she meant and didn't bother about it thinking I was probably going to ask her at school tomorrow. Then I thought I heard Police Car engines roaring up, but soon after I quickly fell asleep.

          When I went down for breakfast I knew something was wrong... Mum was very quiet, when she was usually all 'jolly' ready for a new day. Her eyes were all red she looked like she'd been crying (a lot) but there was a more sincere thing: Dad was nowhere to be seen. "Hey Mum!" I said to her, but she just didn't answer. "Where's Dad?" I muttered as now I was feeling quite agitated. "He's.....umm...g....g....g....gone." I wasn't quite sure what she meant by 'gone'. I asked her again, but she just stared into space not wanting to meet my eyes. I felt trouble in the air. 'Where is Dad?' that was the only question going around inside my head. "Get ready have some b.....b.....breakfast, we're going." she told me. Weird. "Where to?" I asked her very confused. "G-g-get into the car!" I got into the car and realised that mum was following shortly with two suitcases, one was mine the other was hers. "Why?" I whispherd, afraid of the answer. "I will tell you on the way!" came the answer. "On the way where?" I wondered. "Please stop asking questions Heather.... I've got enough to worry about already!" Mum cried between sobs (she only called me Heather when she was being serious). Then I realised we were heading to the AIRPORT. "Mum...." I called. "Ok Hetty listen last night dad had to stay in at the Hospital and on the way home.....he had a terrible..... car accident, and he........died." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Dad died? I just couldn't stop crying.

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