-I was dreaming, at least that's what I thought. Then it suddenly turned into a nightmare. We were flying from Canada moving to England for one reason only: 'Dad died.....'-

13 year old Heather Smith mostly known as Hetty had, had the greatest of all losses when her Dad died in a terrible car accident so they have to move from Canada to England as the house they lived in, in Yukon was owned by her Dad's boss. Hetty hates her Mum for moving, but then makes two friends who will stay 'Friends for Life'.


3. Angel

We arrived at the Stables 20 mins later due to traffic (traffic in Great Wakering, strange huh?). Then when we got there Nana did a small tour and we looked at all the horses most of them were just plain colours like: Dapple Gray, Black, White, Brown, Cream and etc. When we were nearly at the end of the tour Nana announced she has something very 'special' to show me. What could it be I wondered? Then Nana disappeared and after a short while came back with the most beautiful creature (horse) I've ever seen. "This old girl, is your 'orse!" she called to me. I wanted to scream. "My what?" I asked her. She handed the horse to me and then replied: "This a little somethin' for your birthday which is in 2 days, she is only a foal, but will grow up to be the most beautiful horse!". I couldn't believe that she gave me a foal for my birthday I was happy, but a bit angry as I don't like horses too much. I must have been day dreaming, but Nana suddenly nudged me and said: "So what you gonna call 'er?". Well that was a very good question. "Ummm.....Goldy, no no no that's not good, what about Fluffy no not exactly I know the perfect name I'm going to call her Angel!" I said enthusiastically, but then I remembered I don't actually like horses. Oh well I'll make an exception because Angel is the most beautiful horse (foal) I've ever seen.

          "So get going tack her up and then we can all go horse riding!" she shouted. "What??? Me horse riding no way! I mean come on Angel is only a foal and I don't even know her that much and-" I said in mid-sentence, but then she cut me off. "You can ride on Blackie, you know Blackie very well you used to ride 'er all the time when you were little." "Me riding when I was little that's   quite hard to believe. I don't remember riding at all, so I used to like horses?" I asked her. "Yup you used to love 'orses and you used to ride all day long when you came for a short visit during 'alf term." she replied sweetly smiling.

          Well maybe that well happen again maybe one day I will like horses again.

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