*Zayn is the only 1D boy in this story but
If I publish a sequel then the others should be in it. Also this is written before Zayn Auditioned for X-factor*

With a brother in a coma, surviving being a teenage runaway, involved in gangs, drug dealing and boxing matches to keep peace.
Life is no where near easy for Victoria Malcolm the bad girl that is forever getting in trouble from Bradford. Or as some people know her Selena McDonald the innocent girl form Glasgow.


9. The Letter

I broke away from Zayn and ran out the room. I ran toward Demi's room Zayn close behind. I burst into the room to see Demi on the floor in tears glass all over the floor.

"Demi" I said and walked towards her. I picked her up and out her on the bed next to me. She was quite light for being only a year and a bit younger than me.

"What happened" I asked her.

She pointed to the other side of the room where a brick lay. With a piece of paper lying next to it. I got up and took the the piece of paper. Zayn walked over and sat next to Demi. He tries to comfort her but she pulled away and look up at me.

"It's alright he's my boyfriend" I said to her letting her know she could trust him.

I looked at the peice of paper it was a letter. I opened it up and read it...

Dear my lovely Demi,

Could you pass a message onto your lovely big cousin for me? Could you tell her, I know who she really is, I know her story. Tell Victoria Malcolm or should I say Selena McDonald that she can't hide forever I know she's with Tomlinson and his gang. She has to come quietly or she will have to watch he poor little cousin be torchered and mabey we will have to see about that presious little brother never wakening up. Just remember I am always watching you and you can't run or hide.

M xx

I finished reading it and stood there I shock. He knows.... He Knows.

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