*Zayn is the only 1D boy in this story but
If I publish a sequel then the others should be in it. Also this is written before Zayn Auditioned for X-factor*

With a brother in a coma, surviving being a teenage runaway, involved in gangs, drug dealing and boxing matches to keep peace.
Life is no where near easy for Victoria Malcolm the bad girl that is forever getting in trouble from Bradford. Or as some people know her Selena McDonald the innocent girl form Glasgow.


8. I'm in love with you

We got in to my room. I closed the door and turned to face Zayn.

"What are you doing" I said. He look at me like I was crazy.

"Ugg. The plan was to act in love with me not get all super protective and have Dean on the edge of punching your face in." I continued

"Ok. To start off I have a reason for that and also I could easily beat Dean if I was in the mood." Zayn protested

"Ok I know you could but if he gets anywhere near you. Or hurts you in the slightest me and the lads have no choice but to beat him up and trust me I don't want to beat him up it could also risk him finding out about the gang." I argued

"Ok I am sorry. I won't annoy him any more" Zayn said in defeat.

"Ok that's good. And what are these reasons" I asked.

"Emm" he said scratching his neck.

I snapped. "Exactly what I though there aren't any. Your just being Zayn. The boy that just can't back down from a shot at getting on somebody's nerves" I angrily said.

"Victoria. Listen there is a reason. I just can't tell you cause I do have a reputation to keep." Zayn said

"Listen Zayn. Whatever it is I won't tell anyone I will keep this conversation between us and your Bradford Bad Boi look won't be ruined" I promised

"Ok fine. But if I tell you can't walk away you have to say something ok." He said

Now i was really confused "ok" I said.

He took a deep breath and looked me right in the eyes.

"Victoria Malcolm. I am fucking in love with you ok. Everyday I think about you. Your the only person that can keep me calm when I get angry. I think about you every night before I go to sleep. That first day i saw you at our school something about you intrigued me. I knew from then on that I wanted to get to know you. And when I did I fell for you I fell for you hard and fast. Victoria Malcolm I am hopelessly and madly in love with you" he said.

That was not what I expected at all. He told me he loved me the thing I had dreamed of him saying since we met and now he has told me and I am just standing there.

"who knew Zayn Malik had feelings" I said laughing.

"Victoria stop laughing please. I am sorry I shouldn't have said anything. I just I don't know I thought you might actually feel the same. Ugg how could I be so stupid no one will could ever love a monster like Me" Zayn said

"Zayn shut up ok. I never said I don't feel the same and also don't ever and I repeat ever call yourself a monster" I siad crying now.

"Well do you feel the same" he asked.

I walked up to him and wrapped me arms around his neck. I smashed my lips into his. It took him a minute to realise what I was doing but he soon responded. It wasn't rushed it was urgent and perfect.

I pulled back "does that answer your question" I said.

"I think so. Victoria Malcolm will you be my girlfriend but for real this time" he asked

"Yes. A thousand times yes" I replied.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you to" I replied and kissed him. We were just getting into the kiss when I heard a scream....

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