*Zayn is the only 1D boy in this story but
If I publish a sequel then the others should be in it. Also this is written before Zayn Auditioned for X-factor*

With a brother in a coma, surviving being a teenage runaway, involved in gangs, drug dealing and boxing matches to keep peace.
Life is no where near easy for Victoria Malcolm the bad girl that is forever getting in trouble from Bradford. Or as some people know her Selena McDonald the innocent girl form Glasgow.


12. I'm going home

"Well me and Zayn have to head back Drake only agreed to watch Dean for 1 hour and that already cost Zayn 20" I said to the guys

We said our goodbyes and set off when we got home Drake wasn't in with Dean yet and Demi had calmed down and was helping My Aunt with the dinner and my Uncle was goodness knows where

"Looks like we've got some time to our selves"I said to Zayn he smirked and dragged me to my room

"I love you so much" Zayn said as he pinned me against my bedroom door. I smashed my lips into his my hand found it's way to his hair and his hands to my arse squeezing it lightly and picking me up my legs wrapped round his waist.

He carried me over to the bed and threw me down and lay down on top of me and began kissing on my neck causing me to moan.

I heard a cough and broke away from Zayn. I turned around and saw Dean standing there

"Oh Hey Dean" I said my cheeks flushing bright red. I could feel Zayn chuckling lightly beneath me.

"What do u want" Zayn said rudely.

"Em Selena ur Aunt says dinner will be ready in 5. I also wanted to tell u I am going home tomorrow." Dean said coldly and walked out.

Zayn pulled me in an hugged me. "You alright Babe" he asked

"Yea fine" I replied getting up.

"Cum on we need to go for dinner" I added

We all are dinner in silence. Afterwards I asked To speak to Drake. Zayn and I had decided We were going to tell him everything we need someone else in the gang and Drake is the best person to do it.

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