*Zayn is the only 1D boy in this story but
If I publish a sequel then the others should be in it. Also this is written before Zayn Auditioned for X-factor*

With a brother in a coma, surviving being a teenage runaway, involved in gangs, drug dealing and boxing matches to keep peace.
Life is no where near easy for Victoria Malcolm the bad girl that is forever getting in trouble from Bradford. Or as some people know her Selena McDonald the innocent girl form Glasgow.


13. Don't Leave

We told him. We told him everything and he has agreed. Said his life's to boring right now so this will make it more exciting or something. Right now Zayn and I are curled up on my bed watching god knows what crap on TV.

"Zayn what r we gonna do about max?" I asked

"Look don't worry about a thing. I think we have to at least keep u as far away from him as possible and Maybe some of us will meet with him and find out what he wants" Zayn replied.

"Ok I know u won't let him hurt me" I replied sighing

"Are u ok Love" Zayn asked

"Not really I don't want Dean to go home although he is safer at home I am happy to have him here it makes me feel closer to home" I replied. Please don't cry come on you can't cry not in front of him.

"Oh baby don't cry" Zayn said wiping away the tears that had escaped my eyes.

"I think I'm gonna talk to him" I said getting up and giving Zayn a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room to find Dean.

I knocked on Drakes door an Dean answered

"Oh hey Selena" he said coming out and closing the door

"Hi can we talk?" I asked

"Sure what's up" he replied worriedly

"I'm sorry. I should have told u about Zayn it's just u wouldn't have beloved me u would have though I wasn't making some fucked up stories. To make u leave me alone" I said

"Listen yea I like you but today has made me realise how happy you are right now and how I can't come in between you and Zayn" Dean said "and did the innocent Selena McDonald just curse?" Dean added laughing

"Oh shut up what can I say Bradford changes a girl" I replied laughing

"Please don't go yet" I asked becomeing seirous again.

"I won't but only if u tell me one thing have u told Zayn anything" he asked

"Yea I told him everything I had to I don't wanna keep it from him" I said slightly lying about my reason but I didn't care.

"Ok well it's late u should be getting some sleep" he said

"Night Dean" I said getting up

"Night love" he replied

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