The Wasted

Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much time building things up, when we know they’ll just come crashing down eventually, leaving a bigger mess and less hope than we started with. Why trust, when trust is always broken? Why love, when it tears our hearts apart? Why live, when soon enough our hearts stop beating, our lungs stop breathing, and our words stop speaking? Why bother, when we know that everything is going to end, leaving us worse than when we started? Hope runs out after a while, just like time. Fear takes over at some point, no matter how brave we are. So why do we keep trying?
(see Chapter 1 for full Prologue)


3. Chapter 2

Rusty's P.O.V.

"Rusty, get up," Trick's hand was placed on my shoulder, shaking and jostling me awake. I sit up quickly, and my eyes adjust to the bright sunlight and scenery flashing by almost immediately. 

"Time to get off?" I ask, already knowing what his answer will be. Trick responds with only a terse nod. I gently awake Sail, carefully speaking to her in a hushed tone, coaxing her slowly out of her dreams. When she's finally up and alert, Trick nudges me forward, towards the edge of the train car. The wind slaps me like the impact of an unsuspected obstacle in my path. The scenery blends into one mixed blur before my eyes, and my heels lift off of the floor, as I throw myself into the open, out of the small amount of security the train provided. I collide with the ground all too soon, the momentary sensation vanishing as pain shoots up my legs, but I barely wince, and turn to catch Sail's body soaring towards me. She's too young and too weak to handle the full impact of the jump, so Trick and I try to take as much of the pain for her as we possibly can. Trick lands beside me soon after, his feet slamming into the ground a few paces before he regains his composure. I set Sail on her feet, and turn to Trick, and he answers my unspoken question of where we're headed with a quick jerk of his head toward a sea of abandoned buildings, before he starts off at a seemingly slow pace. It's no surprise, he's been awake the past three nights on the train, his eyes focused on the scenery passing by, watching, waiting. I've seen him crying silently some nights. He makes no sound, shows no sign of his pain, but I've seen the tears glisten in the moonlight, heard his light whispers lifted to the sky. It's no surprise he hides it so well, if he found out that I knew, he would be so ashamed, the Wasted are not supposed to be weak. He's unaware of the fact that I know him better than anyone else, unaware that I know things about him that he only tells to the midnight stars. I know him better than I know myself, but I can't figure him out, no matter how hard I try.


A/N: Soooo sorry about the really long wait for an update, I'm the world's worst updater ever... :/ BUT I LOOVEE YOU ALL SO DON'T STOP READING PLEASE!! XOXO

~Jenna xx

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