The Wasted

Sometimes I wonder why we spend so much time building things up, when we know they’ll just come crashing down eventually, leaving a bigger mess and less hope than we started with. Why trust, when trust is always broken? Why love, when it tears our hearts apart? Why live, when soon enough our hearts stop beating, our lungs stop breathing, and our words stop speaking? Why bother, when we know that everything is going to end, leaving us worse than when we started? Hope runs out after a while, just like time. Fear takes over at some point, no matter how brave we are. So why do we keep trying?
(see Chapter 1 for full Prologue)


2. Chapter 1

Sail's P.O.V.

           The Wasted. A community of lost, damaged, young, wild, and free souls. We live life on the run, never settling in for too long.

            Metallica Blume, commonly known as Rusty, or Rust. One of the toughest girls you’ll come across. Once a little angel, now a bitter runaway. Long, straight, rust-colored hair, hence the name. Cold, ice blue eyes, permanently marked with hurt and hatred. Like the other Wasted, she’s marked with tattoos and piercings, dressed in casual attire.

            Tristan Reese. Trick, or Tricky to the rest of the Wasted. Dark brown hair, pushed back by a bandana at almost all times. Eerie deep blue eyes, a captivating match to his dark hair. He holds the record for the most piercings and tattoos within the gang, and is the most intimidating of all the Wasted.

            And then there’s me. I never had a name that we knew about, so I was given the name Sail by Trick. The Wasted took me in under their wings, a rarity among them. I was brought up in this life, always expected to fit in, never knowing any other life. And I do fit in, to the untrained eye. But there’s something inside of me, begging, searching for something more. There’s more out there. There just has to be. 

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