The Crisis

This story is all about Cris and Dianna.. Would they end up being together? Or would they be killed by the Ghosts like what happened to their friends?? Faith is all they need now.

BTW .. i'll try to draw the characters on the lists. So i will be adding a random chapter with drawings :3


2. One Two, One Two

I've been wondering, why does everyone from my school has boyfriends / girlfriends already, except for me and Cris. I feel so lonely, everywhere i look, kissing , hugging and holding hands. But luckily i have a bestfriend just like me. Single, lonely and we both have this certain hatred of love. We both think that " love " is just a game that everyone dares to play on their lover and themselves. It's really sickening, watching people falling inlove and after months or years, the'll go running to you crying. Telling you why she / he broke up with his / her lover. Saying that why did he / she even fell inlove with such person.


I'm now at class listening to every word Mr. Hoffman says. When he announced that, there will be a report about World War II, so i decided to ask my friends Cris, John, Carolyn, George, Jae, Tanya, and Frida if they would like to do the project with me at the school's library and we would stay there until 10:00 or 12:30. After minutes of talking to each other, they finally agreed to the plan. We all texted our parents to have permission to stay at the school late. After Mr. Hoffman's class is dismissal time. After we're done cleaning up the classroom we'll head straight to the school's library. And ofcourse we would bring a lot of snacks especially when George's with us, he eats to many food. It will take us a very long long time to finish the report. I looked at the time, It's already 8:34pm and we have to finish the project by 11:30pm. And we're not even at the half of the report. I decided to go for a little bathroom break.


Jae and Cris came along with me, at the bathroom Cris asked permission if he can go home already, because he needs to go to a housewarming party, I allowed him to go home since he already did a lot of work. Cris brought his bag and walked to the school's exit at the end of a long dark hallway. Jae and i went to the girl's bathroom when suddenly the lights went out exactly at 9:30pm when i suddenly heard someone screaming, it was coming at the library.




I looked at the wall clock, and it was already 8:50pm when suddenly i looked outside the window, i saw an old lady she was staring at us. No reaction, when suddenly I tapped John to see the old lady staring at us, John stepped closer to the window and opened it slowly when suddenly a cold breeze came in the library. John tried to grabbed the old lady and said," ma'am what are you doing there? it's cold outside grab my hand i'm gonna pull you in." But with a blink of an eye she was behind Carolyn. This time it's different her eyes became soulless and her suit became all white.


I screamed as loud as i can," Carolyn she's behind you!!" The ghost grabbed her by the neck turned her around, ending up that Carolyn was looking at her black soulles eyes. She said" One two , One two , One two , One two ,"
and she snapped Carolyn's neck without mercy. John ran close to Carolyn, he putted his hand on her neck.. " she's already dead." The ghost pushed John ending up that john hitted the library lockers so badly he felt asleep. The ghost grabbed Carolyn by the hair pulled her up to see her face. And cutted off her head. And throwed it to Lucy. Then she pointed at Lucy. What we didn't know is why she was pointing at Lucy.


Everyone started to panic and started running out of the library. When Lucy was running she tripped on a piece of wood that was displaying out. She tried to get up on her feet as soon as possible when suddenly the ghost grabbed her arms and legs and pulled them so strong that her body was seperated from her arms and legs. Blood was starting to come out like a river. Like what the ghost did to Carolyn she cutted off Lucy's head. Then the ghost points at John. John had a brilliant idea to kill the ghost, so he grabbed the axe near the fire exit and started swinging it at the ghost, which is walking towards him.




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