The Crisis

This story is all about Cris and Dianna.. Would they end up being together? Or would they be killed by the Ghosts like what happened to their friends?? Faith is all they need now.

BTW .. i'll try to draw the characters on the lists. So i will be adding a random chapter with drawings :3


1. Characters of The Crisis


Black short fluffy hair, highlighted with red. Two different eye color. Left yellow and right red, apparently his left eyes can see ghosts. Infact, he's the only student on Crisis school that can see ghosts and even talk to them. Captain of the Soccer team, likes to eat candies / sweets especially cake. But is mean to poeple he dosen't know yet. Quiet person , and loves to read. Gloomy sometimes.



Brown long curled tipped hair, highlighted with light brown, scarlet eyes. Dianna loves to hang with her friends. She is the Captain of the cheerleaders. She loves to hang with Cris and talk with him all day long. loves to drink tea and milkshakes. Talkative when it comes to friends. Kind and caring when it comes to everyone.



Blonde short hair with blue eyes, Currently in a relationship with Frida . The Goal Keeper from Cris' Soccer team. Talkative person. Always tries and to make fun of Cris but always fail. Loves to eat Peppermint. Joyful attitude.. Has a wonderful loving sister named Tanya



Long straight blonde hair, with green eyes. A cheerleader from Dianna's cheerleading squad . Loves to hang with her friends especially George. Loves to drink iced tea. Has a little Bitchy attitude that everyone is starting to change it. Has a loving big brother named John



Green hair, with blue eyes wearing black framed glasses. The one who has been a jerk for so many years, but not that much of a jerk he just plays a huge trick on everyone and thinks that it's funny.



Dark yellow hair with dark blue eyes. One of the taekwondo trainies at their school. Apparently she's having a hard time fighting for she has a severe leg injury. In a relationship with John.



Orange hair with yellow eyes. One of the student gymnastic coach on Crisis school. Because of her incredible flexibility she was recruited to be a student gymnastic coach. loves to collect candy wrappers for no reason. Has an internet boyfriend named Floyd.



Short brown hair with violet eyes. Loves to eat vanilla ice cream. In a relationship with a senior high schooler named Justin she has this shy attitude especially when it comes to meeting new students or even faculty members.



Violet hair with black eyes, Loves to drink milk and to hang with friends like Dianna, but she has this certain stage to stay friends only.

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