On First Sight

Emma(dutch) and her sister Daphne(also dutch) are going to move to London. They both wishes to be there, but not on this way.
The're parents are divorced, and the only job that the're mother can get is in London.
Emma was the prettiest girl at her old school. but she never know it. She cuts herself, She thinks she is fat and ugly, but she isn't.
Daphne is also a pretty girl, but not as pretty as Emma. She knows she cuts herself, and she tried to stop her. But she never stopt.
Emma is shy at school, but what if that pulls out the attention of One Direction.
what is gonna happen to those girls, is it luck or drama?
find out.


12. Chapter 9

Em’s POV.

After Louis drove us, we ran inside to get our bikini’s.

I had a black one with a blue bow.

And some clothes a blue shirt,  flower print shorts, blue sandals, blue sunglasses, blue bracelets and a blue bag. Or just say, everything blue!

Daphne had a black/white bikini.

And some clothes, a pink shirt, shorts, sandals and a bag.  (A/N not the earrings and necklace.)


We walked outside and hopped in the car, and ofcoars Louis’ comment.

‘Em you look…’ he started.

‘I know okay now drive!’ I laughed. And Daphne laughed with me.

When we were there, we walked in the house. And we saw Harry and Taylor kissing.

‘I think he did the dare Louis.’ I wispered

‘I think it to!’ He wispered back. They had there eyes closed so I walked tot hem trying not to make any sound. Luckily it was.

‘BOO!!’ I yelled in there ears.

‘Em where was that for?’ Taylor half yelled back.

‘Well, you don’t see me licking Louis’ face off!’ I half laughed half yelled. And Daphne laughed with me, again.

‘I’m sure he wants it, Em.’ Harry joked. And Taylor nodded. UGH. I walked to Louis,licked my hand and ‘cleaned’ it on his face. Everyone laughed except for Louis, he tried to clean his face with his hand.

Btw Taylor had this clothes on. Just regular clothes she said.

‘Are we going to the beach or what?’ Liam yelled from the kitchen. We walked over to the kitchen and Niall was eating a lot of things that where in the fridge. Everyone laughed again at Niall’s face.

We split up in 2 cars. Louis, me, Niall and Daphne in one care and Liam, Zayn, Harry and Taylor in the other. And then my favorite song came up. And Daphnes too. We sung outloud and when the song finished we laughed our asses off. So did Louis and Niall. After that we all sung like crazy maniacs. But I must say, it was a lot of fun.

When we were at the beach everyone was already waiting, and Taylors bikini was this.

A white one.

I still think she is prettier than me. but I'm happy for the first time, so I don't think about it.

Liams POV.

'Guys I'm getting something to drink, be right back.' I said. Truth was, I was jealous, they all have girlfriends, except Zayn and me. Its just not fair! But I didn't look were I was going, so I bounced into someone. As soon as I looked it was a beautiful girl with two gorgeous blue eyes looking at me.

'I'm so sorry, I didn't look where I was going...' She said and helped me up her hair was blonde and hing perfect on her shoulders. 'I'm so so sorry...'

'It's okay, what's your name?' I said smiling.

'Jasmine, What's yours?' She said smiling back.

'Liam, And I'm sorry to, I wasn't looking to.'

'It's okay, I better get going.' she said, but I didn't want to, I really want to know her better.

'Uhm... Would you mind if you join us at the beach, I mean if you want to?' I asked a bit nervous.

'I would love to.' she said and started to hug me.

'Come one then, and if you didn't know it yet, I'm in a band, One Direction.'

'I know, I tried to play it cool, and not starting fan girling.' She said giggling. we walked back and someone started to hug her, but I wasn't jealous, because it was a girl, Taylor.

'Are you Liams girlfriend?' Taylor asked, and I blushed.

'Uh... Uh... No, but I hope it.' She wispered the last part very, very quiet. My stomach tickeled me a little, and know that soon I had feelings for her, and I hope she can say the same.

'Let go in the water!' Niall yelled and throw Daphne on his shoulder, Louis did the same with Emma, Harry the same with Taylor and I looked Over at Jasmine and she nodded, so I did the same with Jasmine and we had a nice day at the beach.



I hope you like it Jazzi154 (Jasmine)!!!

Bye babes


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