On First Sight

Emma(dutch) and her sister Daphne(also dutch) are going to move to London. They both wishes to be there, but not on this way.
The're parents are divorced, and the only job that the're mother can get is in London.
Emma was the prettiest girl at her old school. but she never know it. She cuts herself, She thinks she is fat and ugly, but she isn't.
Daphne is also a pretty girl, but not as pretty as Emma. She knows she cuts herself, and she tried to stop her. But she never stopt.
Emma is shy at school, but what if that pulls out the attention of One Direction.
what is gonna happen to those girls, is it luck or drama?
find out.


4. Chapter 3

Daphne's POV.

'EMMA SMITH!!!!' I yelled at her.

'I guess thats me.' she said to Louis. Yeah I'm talking about the Louis.

'Yeah. i guess so. see you later?' he asked Em

'Uhm.. Yeah sure.' she said shyly. Damn why does she always have to be shy?!

'Emma your gonna tell me why you were talking to the Louis Tomlinson!' I said a little to rude.

'Why, and there is a dance ball saturday night.'

'WHAAT. WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY THAT?!' I yelled again.

'I...I just did.' she replied.

'After school we are going to the mall with Taylor to buy some dresses!' I said.

'Uhm.. okay but not to much.' I smirked at her reaction.


Em's POV (Emma)

'Uhm.. okay but not to much.' I saw her smirking. 'If she sees something, she want it.' I thought.

After school Taylor Daphne and I where going to the mall.


When we were at the mall. Daphne and Taylor wanted to go to 21 forever.

And then my sister saw the perfect dress for me, but I thought it was to much.

A white cocktail dress, whit a black ribbon, transparent heels and a black bracelet.

Daphne bought a black dress, and it looked cute on her.

Taylor bought a white dress and was so beautiful.

we bought make-up and stuff and going back home.

Eleanor's POV.

I was going to the mall today, to look for a dress tonight. and found the perfect one for me. 

with this dress Louis absolutely fall for me!!! hahaha.


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