My very own perfect date

Comment your name , The Directioner you want a date with and the Scene. I will make a short story up of you an that person and make an outfit ☺️you can find the outfit at jojolizzie on polyvore


1. example

I met a guy named Liam last week at the coffee shop. He seemed nice and set a date out to lunch at a "not too formal" Restraunt by the beach for today .

I rolled off the couch and jumped in the shower . 10 minutes later I got out and blow dryed my hair . I ran to my closet and picked out the perfect outfit ! I wanded my hair and put in the little white beanie to match my outfit . I put on a light coat of make up and pulled on my white vans . Perfect!

I walked to the Restraunt from my beach house witch was only about a half mile walk . I had plenty of time .It was cold . Should have thought about the fact of it being December .When I got there I saw Liam sitting at a table for two. I walked in and hugged him then sat down . We ordered and ate . We ordered two mango smoothies to go and went for a walk on the beach . When we got under the pier he looked me in the eyes and kissed me . A long passionate kiss. He smiled and said ," Mary, I'm so glad you came." "Me too."

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