Wake Up

Molly Hooper. Such intellect coupled with such naivety can’t end well. Or maybe it can. Her whole life Molly has never been very popular or confident. But she has worked hard to get to where she is, although it’s still not Shangri-La.
At 31 she has had her ups and downs and lovers who didn’t quite match. There’s always this one man on her mind though. Yet he doesn’t care.


2. Chapter 2

There was nobody there. How was that possible? What was she supposed to do now? She looked around, mouth opened slightly in shock. Normally, there is someone there to tell her which body she should look at or they wanted to look at. But there was nobody. Perhaps they were just late. But that was unlikely, they would want to be there when she arrived to start immediately, wouldn’t they? Whoever this was, since it clearly wasn’t who she was expecting, was acting very suspiciously.

Molly, now determined to find out what was going on, started walking around, looking. Hopefully there was a clue to find somewhere. She looked under the tables and on them. Nothing.

She was starting to feel a bit uneasy now. A glance at the clock outside through the window told her that she had already been in here for 15 minutes. If the person who was looking for her had been a bit late, that’s fine, but who calls a morgue to look at a body and then turns up so late? Suddenly Molly thought of Crystal again. She seemed very oddly happy and swinging today, much more than usual. And the way she talked about Tom! Molly quickly turned around and went to the door to check if Crystal wasn’t playing some sort of cruel trick on her and had locked her in. But the door swung open easily, well as easily as a heavy door can swing. Nevertheless, Molly was still suspicious of her and took a look outside. She was the only living person in the area from what she could tell so she went back inside and the door shut behind her. How curious.

The only place she hadn’t looked yet were the cold chambers, which was what she did now. Most of them were empty or locked and for now she didn’t bother looking there. Beads of sweat started forming on her chest and her neck but her forehead was still fine. The last one she opened revealed a note on the body’s foot:

“Pull Me ;)”

Surprised and tired but mostly happy to finally have found something, Molly did as she was told. She couldn’t remember there being a body in here but maybe Crystal or one of the others had put it there. But that just made it weirder that she had to look at it, without knowing anything about it. For a moment Molly wondered if she was being tricked by Crystal again so she could go to Tom and do who knows what. Pushing away that thought again, Molly pulled the body into the middle of the room to see it more clearly, hoping to find another note.

And there it was, on the body’s face.

“Take a look”

At what? The face? Molly felt really uncomfortable now and hesitated a moment. Maybe she should just leave, this was getting weird. But she didn’t, she frowned and zipped open the bag.

And then she fainted.

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