Lawrence Walker is abused by his father and had tons of things happen to him. Read the book to find out more. My friend named Ryan Witty is an amazing author and writes tons of great stories so please read this one. Please just take the T.I.M.E. to read this. Please Comment about how you think that this story is going so far.


16. Chapter 16


The night was cold and dark. The hardware store was just about to close when Colin’s truck pulled up.

“Get 2X4s and large monkey wrenches.” Lawrence told Colin and Eugen as they walked in the store.

“Why?” asked Colin.

“2X4s are 50% off and monkey wrenches are only $5.99.” Lawrence explained.

“Well that convenient.” said Eugene with a smile.

The boys gathered the materials and meet at the counter. Colin had a baseball bat for Lawrence to use in his truck. Colin took the 2X4 and Eugene took the wrench. They paid with cash, the store clarke looked at them with slight suspicion, but he was too tired to care what they were up to. As  they left Lawrence lifted his hood over his head, he figer he could at least try to hide his identity, Colin put a bandana over his face, it was black with a blue dragon going across his where his mouth would be, and Eugene merely put on a baseball cap. They weren't the best disguises, but then again they weren’t trying to hide. They wanted Max Fisher to know who they were and what they could do.

As they drove down the road heading for Max Fisher’s know hangout spot, Eugen light a cigarette and handed one to Colin. Lawrence didn’t like how his friends smoked, but it was not his place to tell them that they couldn’t smoke and they did have the courtesy to blow the smoke out the window.

“So how about some music?” suggested Colin.

“Here put this on.” Lawrence said handing Colin a CD he had burned together.

“Why not.” Colin said after looking at the CD, then placing it in the CD player of his truck.

The first song started to play and both Eugene and Colin looked at the dash of his truck with the same wired out look on their faces.

“What is this?” Eugene asked.

“What it’s Hollywood Undead, Hear Me Now.” Lawrence told him.

“What else you got?” Eugen said as he rolled through the songs.

He went from Avenge Sevenfold, to Three Days Grace, to Five Finger Death Punch, until finally settling on Eminem, Not Afraid.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about. Good job Lawrence.” Colin said as the first part of the song started to play.

“Oh, you guys know this one?” Lawrence asked with a smile and a laugh.

“Of cores we know this one.” Eugene added in.

They listened to the song, it filled them with a type of adrenalin. As dime as the situation was, Lawrence was happy. The laughter he shared with his friends, was worth a lot to him. He was always afraid of being alone, it was one of his biggest fears, being alone. Once they got close to the place they knew Fisher would be, Colin turned off the CD player and raised his bandana. Lawrence put on his hood and Eugene put his baseball cap on.

The spot Max Fisher like to hang out with his friends was a wooded area, not too far from the town the buildings could still be seen, but no one went back that fear of a wolf attack. No one except for Fisher and his friends and a freshman who lived a little ways out of town.

Lawrence could see Fisher and his two friends picking on the freshman who was on his way home. Max fisher was a bi-racial 19 year old, his mother was hispanic and his father was caucasian. Max was held back from graduation for behavioral problems.

The freshman was a kid Lawrence did not know an all hispanic kid. That was as far as Lawrence knew him.

“Why are you doing this?” the freshman pleaded to Fisher as he was being pushed into the mud, while Fishers friends went through his backpack looking for valuables.

“Because I’m bored.” Max said to him.

“Your a monster.” the freshman told him.

“You hear that guys? I’m a monster, like some sort of villain from a movie, I love it.” Max said with a laugh.

Max then knead the freshman in the stomach and he fell to the ground. Max and his friends all laughed at him. He was about to continue the betting, until he saw Lawrence, Colin, and Eugene. He ordered the freshman to leave and he took off in a sprint.

“Hey, I know you guys. Colin, Lawrence, and Eugene right?” Max said, seeing right through their disguises. “Ya you guys are friends of that fairy Tyler right? I heard about what happened to him what a shame. Oh well maybe that will teach him not to be gay.” Max continued.

The words that were just said only made them angrier. Without a word Colin swang the 2X4 across Fishers face. Small bits of spit, blood, and from what Lawrence could see a bit of tooth flew from his mouth. Fishers friends stood in shock for a minute then one charged at Eugene. He ducked the kid punch and swang the monkey wrench into the kids jaw. Both Fisher and the other kid fell to the ground. The last kid started to run, but Eugene though the wrench and nailed the kid in the back. He fell to the ground as well.

Colin went and dragged him back to the others. Eugene propped all three kids to their knees. Lawrence placed the bat to Max’s chin and made him look up.

“Did you attack Tyler White?” Lawrence asked.

“What?” Max asked.

Lawrence swung the bat across his face.

“Did you attack Tyler White?” Lawrence repeated.

“I, I don’t-” Max stuttered.

Lawrence winded up for another swing.

“I mean, I mean yes. Yes I did.” Max shouted out, spitting blood with every other word.

“Why?” asked Eugene in anger.

“I was bored.” Max shouted out.

Eugene was so angered by what was said, that he swung the wrench down on Max's hand. He gave a cry out in pain and begged for mercy. Colin started to walk toward him, but Lawrence put the bat across his chest to stop him.

“Hes had enough.” Lawrence told him, “But if you ever hurt one of my friends again, this will be much worse.”

Eugene, Colin, Lawrence left them there in the mud. Lawrence wondered if this was what it was like to be his father? As much as he hated what he had done, Lawrence knew it was the only way a kid like Max Fisher would get a message. Lawrence knew that this anger he showed could never come out again. He feared he could hurt someone he cared about, like Scarlet, or Heather. He never wanted that to happen, so he buried the anger deep down inside of him. Colin drove them all back to the hospital to see Tyler. Heather had gone home as well as his parents. Seeing that there was nothing more the boy could do, Colin drove Lawrence home. So that Lawrence could wash Max Fishers blood from his hands.

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