Lawrence Walker is abused by his father and had tons of things happen to him. Read the book to find out more. My friend named Ryan Witty is an amazing author and writes tons of great stories so please read this one. Please just take the T.I.M.E. to read this. Please Comment about how you think that this story is going so far.


13. Chapter 13

It was near noon when Lawrence hear from Eugene. Lawrence looked at his phone saw it was him and told him where to meet, the diner they always meet at. Lawrence arrived first and ordered them both food, Eugene was not far off. Eugene sat at the booth with Lawrence.

“You look like you were just chewed up and spit out.” Lawrence said.

“I feel no better.” Eugene shot back.

“So tell me what happened?”

“Monday night, my dad decided to go play his numbers at the drug store. He had a few then started to drive home. He T-boned a minivan coming back from a soccer practice. They arrested him for DUI and attempted vehicular manslaughter. No one died, but the driver got a concussion and one of the kids broke his arm. He’s going away Lawrence. When I got the news I, I just broke.” Eugene explained.

“Eugene, I don’t know what to say to make you feel better. I just want you to know that I am here for you OK? You don’t need to kill your brain cells, just to deal with a problem. I’m here for, like you have been there for me.” Lawrence said.

Eugene looked at him and smiled. A smile that said more than words ever could. Lawrence was about to continue, when his phone rang, it was Colin.

Lawrence answered it and on the other end Colin sounded like he was in a panic, he was breathing heavily and stuttered alot.

“Lawrence, we’ve got a problem. You need to get down here now!” he said.

“Colin slow down, what happened?” Lawrence asked.

“Just get down here, I need to talk to you about something. I’m at the lake outside of town. Can you get here fast?”

“Ya, it’s in walking distance.”

“Get down here soon.” that was the last thing Colin said before he hung up.

Lawrence got up and started to leave, but stopped at Eugene and looked at him.

“I’ve got to go, Colin needs me for something. Here get yourself a coffee. You look like you need it.” Lawrence said taking a five dollar bill out of his pocket and placing in on the table.

Lawrence then said his goodbye to Eugene and made his way to the lake. He could see Colin pacing back and forth in front of his truck. He looked like he had just seen a man rise from the dead.

“Lawrence, thank God you're here. We’ve got a problem.” Colin said upon seeing Lawrence.

“Slow down Colin, what happened?” Lawrence asked again.

Colin took a deep breath before continuing “Tyler just told me that he loved me, and then he tried to kiss me.”

Lawrence was shocked not only at Tyler, but at Colin as well.

“I really don’t see the problem.” Lawrence told him.

“You don’t see the problem? Let me try and make this more clear: Tyler just told me that he LOVED me and then he tried to KISS me. How is that NOT a problem?” Colin shouted.

Lawrence was starting to get angry with how Colin was acting, it wasn’t like it was the end of the world.

“How can you be reacting this way? Does your history with Tyler mean nothing to you?”

“That is exactly the problem. I have known Tyler for years and now all of a sudden he’s some sort of gay? I mean come on man?”

“What do you mean ‘all of a sudden’, Colin this wasn’t Tylers choices, he was born this way.”

“But at the parties I always see him with the girls, he looked happy.”

“He was probably miserable, hiding from himself for so long. He was probably scared of what he was feeling. He was probably broken hearted over knowing that someone he cared deeply for would never feel the same.”

I don’t know Lawrence? This is something I don’t know  if I can deal with.”

“Well, look how do you feel?”

“WHAT? Lawrence I’m not gay.”

“I never said you were.”

“You know it’s a lot easier when you're the one doing the questioning. What about you? How do you feel?”

“Tyer is a good friend for sure, but I’m not in love with him. He has been a loyal friend to both you and me. He needs someone there for him and I’m going. Come with me if you like, but if you can’t look past this, then have a nice life.” Lawrence told him as he was walking away.

“Wait, what?” Colin asked.

“Have. A. Nice. Life. Which part of that didn’t you understand. I accept Tyler for who he is and I’m positive so will everyone else. If you can’t do that, then you might as well just leave.” Lawrence told him in a tone that had slight anger to it.

Lawrence started to walk away again, but Colin stopped him.

“Lawrence wait. I, I’m coming with you.”Colin said chasing after Lawrence.

They both walked off in the direction of Tyler’s home, there would be as good a place as any to start looking for him.

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